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Sep 27, 2022 | Spiritual Medicine

Written by Coach Victoria Islas
ISSA Master Trainer / Founder of SMW

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These past few months

Something that you will find with my latest website updates is the arrival of the words “Spiritual-Based Fitness”. These last few months of my life have been tough but through it, I became MORE aware and connected with the spiritual power found within. It was like a switch turned on. It wasn’t as instant as a flick but rather subtle as I began to adapt to a life that was turned upside down for the second time.

What am I speaking of exactly? Well, let me openly share that with you. Months ago, my mother had a stroke out of the blue and through an MRI and labs, the ER doctor also found that she had end-stage liver cirrhosis. Honestly, this took us all by surprise, and shook the ground under our feet. These times were stressful to my mind, my body, and my soul, and as I looked around I could see that my siblings were all experiencing the same thing in their way. No one ever wants to lose a parent. For me, as an only child, it would have been the last parent I’d lose since I had lost my father a few years prior. You can only imagine the type of distress I was in and even though I showed as much strength as I could on the outside, very deep sadness was taking over me.

Thankfully, flash forward to almost a year, my mother is alive and has recovered to the best of her body’s ability. She’s walking with support and although she sleeps quite a lot, you can find her throwing out jokes to lighten the mood, and enjoying all the music she can devour in a day. I feel blessed to be her full-time caregiver and blessed to be given a second chance to spend as much time with her as possible. I am making the very best out of it! Just writing this out gets me all teary and emotional because it’s an emotional thing. I have learned to accept my sensitivities through this whole experience and am preparing myself (even though nothing can prepare you for it) for what’s to come in the future. 

If my life had a theme song it would be “OK not to be OK” by Marshmello and Demi Lovato.. when the lyrics go:

“When you’re high on emotion

And you’re losing your focus

And you feel too exhausted to pray

Don’t get lost in the moment

Or give up when you’re closest

All you need is somebody to say

It’s okay not to be okay

Spiritual Based Living, Fitness, and Nutrition

Okay, so It was important for me to tell you a bit of my current story to put it all into perspective for you when it comes to spiritual-based living, fitness, and nutrition. I wanted you to know that life is going to have its ups and its downs. The storm will come and then it will go. With it comes periods of happiness and periods of drought. If you don’t believe in Yin and Yang, it’s real and part of the natural process of life. I don’t think we should look at it as good or bad. But rather, just temporary moments that come and go. That’s how nature works and you are nature, not just part of nature. What I wanna do is introduce you to a spiritual-based approach where we can balance our mind and body and make our lives more deeply successful in the areas we want to improve. In our case, I assume because you’re here, it would probably be to improve health.

Now, to understand anything spiritual-based, you need to understand the truth and that truth is that we carry around something very powerful within us. And what exactly is that? That’s Spirit! And that spiritual energy that is inside of you wants the best for you, will always look out for you, and will always be with you. Like Buzz Lightyear would say “To infinity and Beyond!” And that’s all there is to it. No need to overly complicate spirituality or metaphysical science. We can tap into this inner power at any time to take action and activate self-mastery. This is a level deeper than the warrior within but is also part of warrior living. 

What to expect in the next few months from SMW

I am currently working on bringing together some more great resources for Spiritual Based Living, Fitness, and Nutrition which will include Steel Mace. In the meantime, I will leave you with this article to get you prepared for what’s to come with SMW. I am super pumped to be bringing this approach to you and hope you join in when it arrives! The mission has always been to help others on their warrior journey, with or without a steel mace, but preferably with one 🙂 And I can’t wait to share what’s already within you! All I will do is help you tap into it to start changing your life. No gimmicks, no fad diets, just energy you’ve been waiting to discover.

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