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Download SMW’s quick read guides, worksheets and challenges. All on the topic of Steel Mace Training!

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Free Steel Mace Training Workout Guide

10 BEginner steel mace workouts

Get started with your Steel Mace Training and download the SMW 10 Beginner Workouts. Includes exercise demos and other bonuses.

Free Steel Mace 360 Guide

The Easy Steel Mace 360 Method

If you’ve been thinking about swinging Steel Mace and need help then this guide is for you!

Free Steel Mace Training Guide

how to be awesome at steel mace

This quick guide will share six lessons to make you awesome at Steel Mace Training.

Free Steel Mace Training Challenge

The Fifty 360 Challenge

Here is a Scven Day Steel Mace 360 Challenge for Beginners who need a place to start! Includes plenty of tips to finish strong.

Free Steel Mace 360 Log - Printable

Steel Mace 360 Strength Log

Do you swing Steel Mace? Then this handy Steel Mace 360 Strength Log will gather all your progress. Just print it and write it out!

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