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Steel Mace FITNESS from Home

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Steel Mace Fitness for Complete beginners

Awaken the Warrior within with this Ancient Weapon turned into Fitness Tool!

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Hi, I’m Victoria!

I’m dedicated to guiding you in unveiling the warrior within.

At, I’m all about spreading the passion for steel mace fitness, nurturing our bodies with wholesome nutrition, and embracing a spiritually-driven lifestyle.

Whether you’re seeking personalized 1-on-1 Coaching, dynamic Steel Mace Fitness Programs, or engaging Online Courses, SMW is tailor-made for YOU.

If you’re eager to expand your mind, cherish your body, and connect with your spirit, you’ve landed in the perfect place. SMW is your ultimate destination for rebooting your wellness journey, and I’m thrilled to be by your side every step of the way!

What Can I Help You With?

online Coaching

  • NSteel Mace Workout Library
  • NSteel Mace Online Programs
  • N1-on-1 Coaching

Online Courses

  • NSteel Mace
  • NNutrition
  • NSpirituality

Free Resources

  • NSteel Mace Workouts
  • NSteel Mace Guides
  • NSteel Mace Printables

What SMW is all about

Gym-Free: Fully Online Fitness

All one-on-one coaching, programs, and courses are designed for seamless online execution. You can kickstart your warrior transformation from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for gym visits or outings. Regardless of your motivation, the journey to physical, mental, and spiritual transformation is now accessible from any location. Rest assured, I’ll accompany you throughout every stage of this empowering journey.

Keeping it spiritiual

Steel Mace Fitness offers an excellent solution to reignite your physical activity! Ideal for novices embarking on their mace journey, SMW provides comprehensive beginner-friendly guidance. Beyond mastering the basics of Steel Mace Fitness, I delve into a holistic approach that integrates spirituality into movement and nutrition, fostering profound health benefits.

Creating a Kind, Body-Positive Fitness Community

I’ve harbored a long-standing aspiration to cultivate a nurturing and secure environment for those in search of it. With SMW, my commitment is to foster an inclusive community characterized by kindness, acceptance, and body positivity. Your journey shouldn’t be marred by fear of judgment from your coach or peers regarding your progress. Here, you’re not just included – you’re embraced wholeheartedly with open arms.

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Does Steel Mace Diameter or “Thickness” Matter?

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SMW’s Spiritual-Based Living, Fitness, and Nutrition

SMW’s Spiritual-Based Living, Fitness, and Nutrition

These past few months Something that you will find with my latest website updates is the arrival of the words “Spiritual-Based Fitness”. These last few months of my life have been tough but through it, I became MORE aware and connected with the spiritual power found...

Steel Mace Warrior Jaguar

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