2 Easy Ways to Find Kick-Ass Women Friends that STEEL MACE

Jul 20, 2021 | Steel Mace Fitness

Written by Coach Victoria Islas
ISSA Master Trainer / Founder of SMW

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When you are just starting your journey…

Did you just pick up a steel mace but have found yourself sorta lonely in your newly found adventure as a woman? Well you aren’t the only one! When I first started, I struggled to find women who were into Steel Mace training too. What you should know is that this tool is not that well known yet. You can think of the “Steel Mace” as an underground training modality that is still trying to make its way through the fitness industry and to the hands of women. More precise, the steel mace is an “unconventional” training tool and with that comes years of growth (like kettlebells that have slowly made their way into gyms over the last few years). The good news is that the steel mace community is growing with the help of several students, trainers, and systems!

Today I will be sharing with you a few resources to make “women warrior friends” online (or offline) and that in return will help you feel more connected and less lonely in your mace journey as a woman. We need to find our tribe and I totally get that! So let’s take a look at a few options we have at the moment. And by the way, if you are a dude reading this article this can apply to you as well! You can find some bros and strong sisters too!

1.Instagram Surfing

The very first option I would recommend to make friends and for inspiration is Instagram. This is the platform that made it all possible even for me! I connected with so many amazing women through this app over the years and it’s incredible. This is also the app that allowed me to connect and find all the amazing Steel Mace Warrior Podcast guests. I also love this app because it allows you to be inspired by other strong women, especially if you are just starting. Just make sure not to let that inspiration turn into comparisons. Comparing yourself can start to make you feel bad about your own progress! Know that Steel Mace Training takes time to learn and you should allow yourself time to get better at it.

My tip for Instagram is to enter into the hashtag #steelmace, #steelmacetraining, and if you wanna see all my posts check out my hashtag #steelmacewarrior. 

2. Facebook Group Connections

I feel like Facebook Groups have a much different vibe than Instagram. Sometimes, Instagram can seem a little more about who gets the most likes and comments and that kind of “who can be more popular” shit. FB groups on another hand, is a great place to meet people on the same path as you in a more positive and warm environment. You can also ask questions and gain some pretty solid information. As long as the group is being monitored and has some rules set up you won’t run into any trolls or negativity. For example, in my Closed FB group, I don’t allow anyone to join if they don’t agree with the guidelines I have put in place.

AND…. of course, you are invited to my Facebook group called the “Steel Mace Warriors” Group. This is a great group filled with individuals that are sharing their videos and thoughts RIGHT NOW and you can too if you are open to opening up about your journey! Just hit up the “announcement area” after you join to get all the 411. 

I will also recommend my brother Rik’s FB Group called “Mr. Maceman Rik Brown Mace Training” and “The Official Adex Club & Mace Owner’s Group” (great if you are considering buying an Adex). These are the only other two groups that to me, are awesome and growing at the moment with people who truly are passionate and inspired by Steel Mace Training.

3.BONUS: Take an online or in-person Steel Mace workshop! 

Here is a bonus one for you! If you haven’t already, taking a steel mace 101 workshop will also help you find some great steel mace friends. This can be online or in-person and these workshops are happening all the time! I would highly recommend workshops by Viking Ninja, Mr.Maceman, Steel Mace Flow, MaceFit, Vintage Strength, and KIPS. The best LIVE online workshop I have taken was by Viking Ninja and I know they got dates rolling around all the time. It was awesome to be in “team groups” even through zoom! I met some pretty awesome individuals through my certification workshop with Erik Melland and Erin Fury.

Anyways! I hope this gets you closer to finding the strong women friends you are looking for – whether that is online or offline. I believe you can truly make some great connections through Instagram, Facebook Groups, and even attending a workshop. The main thing is to be active in your search. Joining a group or following a hashtag isn’t gonna do much for you if you don’t participate. Message other women, comment, and interact with those you vibe with. Be awesome and have your sisters back!

How do you find your Steel Mace friends? Share a story in the comments!

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