Steel Mace Workout for Valentines Day

by Feb 14, 2018

Steel Mace Workout for Valentines Day

Posted on 2/14/2018

Victoria Islas

Fitness Enthusiast / Unconventional Certified Personal Trainer

Here goes yet another great pre-made workout for all the steel mace warriors out there in the world today. This one is dedicated to a day where love is seen and felt everywhere. I believe a warrior should always be connected to love and it’s divine power. Working through mind, body and spirit is the best way to tackle fitness goals. Am i right or am i wrong? Anyways! Happy Valentines day. Here is the “Warrior Love” steel mace workout that i know you will enjoy.


“Warrior Love” Steel Mace Workout

6 Sets of the following:

  • 200m Run
  • Switch Squat – 14 Reps
  • Grave Diggers – 14 Reps (ES)


Resources to go along with the workout:


May the force always be with you,

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