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Welcome to my Steel Mace Training hub. I created this website and started a podcast with the pure intention of spreading mace knowledge and workouts to as many people as i possibly could but as i kept going i realized that it was much more than what i originally thought. I started to make amazing friends with enthusiasts and trainers all over the world who we’re as excited and addicted about the Steel Mace (AKA Gada) as i was. I started my journey with Kettlebells and CrossFit BUT ended up falling in love with the mace. Since then i have talked with so many masters in the community on my podcast, have taken several workshops/certifications from the top mace schools and trainers and have met so many great individuals swinging the mace like champs. I can’t feel more blessed than that, fuck, actually i feel complete bliss knowing that we have such a great mace community!


May the universe always flow with you,


  • KIPS Steel Mace Certified
  • NewBreed MaceBell Certified
  • Mr.Maceman Certified
  • MaceFit Certified
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 / Exercise Nutrition


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