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About Coach Victoria Islas

Victoria is founder of Steel Mace Warrior and is a Steel Mace Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. She is currently learning other various forms of weapons such as Bo Staff and Kali and is also practicing shamanism at this time. Her mission is to help individuals awaken the warrior heart within and to feel empowered in their earth walk.

You can get to know me better by visiting and subscribing to my YouTube Channel!

Her certifications include ISSA Elite Coach (CPT, CES, ETS, PNL1), Viking Ninja Steel Mace Instructor, Primal Flow Movement Instructor, NESTA Muay Thai Fitness Instructor, Precision Nutrition Level 1 and much more! If you would like to train with Coach Victoria you can try out her on-demand platform -or- work with her virtually, 1-on-1.

She also has a heavy background in music/songwriting, graphic design, website design and marketing.


To Awaken Warrior Hearts on Earth.

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