Steel Mace Warrior: 5 Books to give a read if you love the mace

Posted on 6/21/2018

Article By | Victoria Islas

Certified Steel Mace Coach / Personal Trainer

I wanted to do a quick list on some books you might like as a mace enthusiast or athlete. Note that I currently have only read a total of 3 out of the 5 books below but I still recommend the other two books because I have personally heard good things about them from others. I do plan to purchase the ones I haven’t read and when I do I will update this blog post with my honest opinion on them. Now that I have explained that, let’s get into the books a little more below!

Gada Swing by Coach Vaughn

This is a book I have read and all I can tell you is that if you want to start a serious kettlebell and steel mace strength program this would be the book to read! I highly recommend it. It is packed with valuable educational information by an amazing trainer named Coach Vaughn from Viking Valhalla Training Center in Palmdale,CA. He is an Onnit Steel Mace Specialist and a StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor. You can’t go wrong with this e-book. Available in digital format only.

The Journey of a Warrior Poet by Pawel Widuto

If you wanna kick ass then read Pawel Widuto’s – The Journey of a Warrior Poet. I have not yet kicked ass but I will soon (again, honest review coming later this month). Another book I have heard great things about! If you believe that 1) every fitness tool you use is an extension of your hand and body and 2) you care about your movement, then like me, you must read this book. Pawel is also someone you should be following online if you are serious about your mace training and overall functional fitness. He is owner of the famous House of Tengu in Norway and is co-founder of The Art of Functional Movement and literally has dozens of certifications such as IKFF and Tactical Fitness Education.

The Art of Macelifting by Gaston Giorlando

Gaston Giorlando is the writer for the book titled “The Art of Macelifting” and I recently heard about this book. From what I have read online, he is a 40 year old athlete from Spain who dedicates himself to art of mace and has several Macelifting records. This is one of the books I will be purchasing and giving my honest opinion for later this month. He has a Physical Spanish and English book version available on Amazon.  

Own the day, Own your Life by Aubrey Marcus

Aubrey Marcus is awesome! And when I heard he was writing a book I had to literally get ONNIT. Get it? Haha. Lame joke, I know. But on a serious note. Aubrey gets down in this book and I really enjoyed it. He talks about a lot of different subjects, but overall, it’s about taking action about your overall wellness one step at a time, little by little. Honestly, that’s how real change happens; I couldn’t agree more with Aubrey on this one. There is a pretty nice section on exercise movements that he recommends to “own the day” and of course, one of them is the Steel Mace 360! This book is packed with value, I suggest you give it a read.

Steel Mace Training Guide by Set for Set

For the longest time i was looking for a guide to help me with my own Steel Mace Training. It was very hard to find online, until Set for Set brought together a genius guide! This e-book is packed with Mace details that you won’t find very easily online. I highly recommend this e-book to you! And it’s super budget friendly.



  1. Adrienne Barker

    Thanks for providing this information! I noticed a couple of the links are not working. Can you provide me with those?

    • Victoria Islas

      Hey Adrienne! Sorry for such a late reply. Fixed the links that we’re broken. Thanks for letting me know and hope you get yourself some bad a** mace books.


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