Steel Mace Warrior Podcast: Special Thanks & Recap of this Year

Written by Coach Victoria Islas
ISSA Master Trainer / Founder of SMW

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Steel Mace Warrior Podcast: special thanks & recap of this year.

Posted on 12/24/2018 | Listening Time 10:10

Article by | Victoria Islas

Certified Steel Mace Coach / Personal Trainer


First off, thank you to the listeners (warriors in training)

Wow! I don’t even know where to start with how grateful and honored I feel to have so many listeners enjoying the podcast and its guests. In case you haven’t heard me mention it before I never really dreamed of having a podcast. I just started the Steel Mace Warrior podcast to get answers for myself, at the time, as an enthusiast and to get over all the grief I was feeling inside from my dad passing away. It has been a journey all of 2017-2018. I’ve been up and I have been down emotionally, physically and spiritually but one thing that kept me going was YOU, this podcast, and the steel mace. So I wanted to first of, say thank you to all of my listeners before the year ends and we start a new one! I really appreciate you! Why? For giving me and the guests a chance to speak about the art of mace training with you! That’s fucking awesome in itself. You are fucking awesome.

Super thanks for iTunes Reviews
I also want to thank the listeners that left a review on Itunes. I had no clue it was making such an impact and I have faith that I will continue to provide you all some more free mace content this upcoming year. I will make sure of! By the way, if you’ve listened to the podcast on Itunes, please leave an honest review (if you have time), it allows me to figure out if I am hitting the mark for you guys or not. It’s also a great way to just show support and love for the podcast. It would be nice to get the podcast to rank higher this year to grow the mace community and to continue to get guests to say yes to being on the show!

Thank you to the guests (the mace warriors)

I never thought I would get so much of you saying YES to the podcast. When I first started I was super anxious about reaching out to a lot of the guests thinking I would get rejected. REJECTED. But what ended up happening every time I reached out to the guests? They always had great vibes and said:” hell yeah”. This podcast would simply be nothing without you. I tried my best to send everyone an awesome SMW t-shirt (costs ran up) but know I still owe some of you one and will be sending them out slowly. You guys gave us so much knowledge and together we created a space for mace enthusiasts to listen and enjoy a good few minutes of mace talk.

My heart goes out to the following guests (they are linked in case you want to check them out online):
Matt Berbary
Serena Elizabeth
Seth Gibson
Rik Brown (Mr.Maceman)
Leo Savage
Tyler Valencia (KIPS)
Coach Vaughn
Don Giafardino (Adex Clubs and Maces)
Pawel Widuto (House of Tengu)
Zack Yanyk
Kelly Manzone
Coach RT3
Daniel Ramsay & Lily Orozco (NewBreed Macebell )
Pake Mcnally (Become Stronger Industries)
Coach Paul Gray (Firepower Gym)
Frank Dimeo (MaceFit)
John Odden (Empowered Strength)
Valerie Pawlowski (Kettlebell Sport USA)
Summer Huntington (Fit Body Wellness)

Cheers to all 20 episodes of the Steel Mace Warrior podcast! And for another great year more!


Thank you to the podcast partners (the warrior supporters)

One thing I knew for sure. I wanted to have podcast partners NOT advertisers for my podcast. I didn’t wanna sell myself out like that or the podcast. What’s the difference? I didn’t want to take money to have a random advertiser be on the podcast. I wanted to provide YOU, the listener, with relevant partners that would hook it up for just tuning in to an episode every month. I knew that my listeners would support my podcast journey without it and you did! You all bought the Steel Mace Warrior swag and although I only get about $5 from each t-shirt, all of it went to hosting the show and getting it some kind awareness online. That is what counts! I love you guys.
So without further ado, please give a round of applause to the following Steel Mace Warrior Partners of 2018. They said yes, provided you with the deals and deserve a mention on this website:
Set for Set
KIPS (Kinesiology Institute for Performance Specialists)
Become Stronger Industries
Sheath Underwear


In conclusion: We kicked mace booty

Overall, this year was packed with mace content that we all enjoyed together and we made it happen together as a mace community. I knew I had to dedicate a spot on this website to thank you all this holiday season. It’s the perfect time to be grateful and to honor you all. You’ve been so open-hearted with me and I feel blessed for that. Steel Mace Warrior is staying strong and will be bringing you much more mace content, guests, and partners! Stay tuned. I am just getting started. This 2019 is for you! And only you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

May the universe always flow with you,


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