Finding peace and joy in your Steel Mace Practice

Written by Coach Victoria Islas
ISSA Master Trainer / Founder of SMW

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If you’ve made your way into the steel mace training world you might have already noticed how much of it there is. It continues to grow every year and with its continued growth comes beauty and chaos. Today I would like to share with you how to find peace and joy in your practice if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Creating your sacred space

The beauty about Steel Mace Training is that you only need a 10LB steel mace to begin along with enough space to move safely. I invite you to look at your environment or practice space as sacred for your journey. Within this sacred space, you will actively bring yourself forward to fulfill all your intentions. It is the place where you will ignite your power, your fiery center. Creating your sacred space where your energy can be free without judgment will not only bring you peace and joy but also growth and renewal when you take the time to set it up. If you are only attending a gym or group class this is a sign to begin something more personal for yourself. 

The less the better

Steel Mace Training is powerful for one reason alone, we can accomplish anything we want with just one steel mace in our hands if we truly wanted to. Now, of course, there is a science to play in all of this. If we want to get stronger we need to progress but for the most part, all we need is just one steel mace in each phase. So I challenge you to work with less to see what that brings to your practice. I have also found that this creates a space for play and creativity to engage with so take a moment to see if that happens to you when you start using less and clearing some clutter. 

Get to nature

There is nothing more sacred and more peaceful than getting outdoors and breathing in the fresh air as you practice with your Steel Mace. It’s great to be at a group class for community and it’s great to have your personal space to reach your intentions but nature is a place for you to cleanse and to ground yourself. Mother earth’s energy is loving and encouraging. If you can find the time to head out to nature between the big green trees, the flowing rivers, the cool dirt, and the big blue sky then do it. This will help relieve stress and help you get back in balance. 

Finding peace and joy in your training takes time in a culture that wants you for itself but you can absolutely find it if you make the choice to do so. I recommend you try out all of the practices above and see if any of them bring you what you are seeking. Your sacred space will bring you closer to your intentions and will allow you to be more compassionate towards yourself, using less will allow you to learn how to do more with less and in the process might spark some creativity, and getting out to nature will remind you of who you truly are while you cleanse your soul. I hope that one of the above brings you peace and joy and love for yourself in the long run. 

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  1. DancingLion

    Thank you for this.

    I’m ready to train in earnest now and I’ve just moved to a space with a park.

    I was feeling shy about going outside to do mace as I’m a super newbie and quite awkward still.

    But I know there is healing to be had for me there.

    The hawks, trees, water and movement… so outside I go!

    Thanks coach!

    • User Avatar

      Know that we all start somewhere, be gentle. Nature at the park will help you heal and that mace too! Nothing but love energy sent your way.

  2. Jeff Woodward

    Thank you for this! It is VERY timely for me. Swing in peace,
    Jeff W.


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