After 4 Years of Steel Mace Training this is what happened

Dec 17, 2021 | Steel Mace Fitness

Written by Coach Victoria Islas
ISSA Master Trainer / Founder of SMW

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Steel Mace Training can be for everyone but then it isn’t for everyone. For me, it was. The second I saw the Steel Mace, I got this gut feeling. I was like “that fitness tool looks badass I gotta try it” and so I did and here I am swinging it 4 years later. I wanted to just describe or sorta journal what happened to me after swinging for a few years. And just to note and emphasize, I am talking about the effects it had on the inside, rather than on the outside. 

So how did it positively affect me? Here is a quick list and then I will go further into each:

  1. I became stronger
  2. I am more at peace
  3. I am more open
  4. I feel empowered
  5. I feel less blues
  6. I’ve got more grit

I became stronger

I became strong, not just physically but mentally and emotionally. I started seeing obstacles as blessings and a way to grow rather than to quit. I saw challenges and went for it cause I started to believe in my abilities. No matter what other people said or talked behind my back, none of that mattered anymore. I figured out who I was, stayed true to myself and learned that I had more strength than what I believed to have.

I am more at peace

I am not always at peace but I learned how to find peace with my Steel Mace practice. I respond better to life, to people and circumstances that arise. And if my peace is broken, I know how to find it again. 

I am more open

Being open doesn’t necessarily mean you agree with everything that’s out there but it means you are able to process things better. You don’t have to accept it but you can comprehend it, feel compassion and empathy for it and stay open to whatever is in front of you at the moment. Being open also frees you from the constant yin yang battle we all have within. It also allows you to open up to others, which is not easy. Being vulnerable can lead to hurt and pain but we are willing to take the risk and if all else fails, you know everything is going to be okay.

I feel more empowered

As a woman, feeling empowered is an amazing feeling. Empowerment makes you feel confident, beautiful, stronger and more in control of the things you can control. Your life starts to feel lighter, brighter and grounded. My doubts are starting to fade over time and opportunities are a possibility. I am able to pursue the dreams I have stored inside me. Little by little empowerment starts to crack through the walls I built from past trauma and the false stories I tell myself everyday. 

I feel less blues

From my teenage years to now, I have always struggled with having the blues. Steel Mace Training energizes me when I am feeling my lows and helps me stay grounded when life feels loose under my feet. It fills me up with a positive outlook in life when I can’t see through the fog of the world. 

I’ve got more grit

After a few years of swinging one thing is for sure – GRIT happens. I feel courageous, brave and have strength to stand up for myself and others when needed. I don’t hold back from saying what has to be said or expressing myself. I don’t let anyone try to manipulate me or abuse me with their actions or words anymore. I follow through a lot more than I used to and finish what I start. If I say I’m gonna do something, Imma find a way to do it. Sometimes it takes time, but I will keep my word.

Anyways those are just some of the benefits I have received from Steel Mace Training. I am not saying this will happen for you since we all receive training differently but you may find that you too will change and evolve with consistent practice! 

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