CBD for Mace Training

CBD for Mace Training


CBD for Mace Training

Posted on 9/14/2018

Victoria Islas
CPT / Certified Steel Mace Coach

I have been wanting to chit chat about CBD (Cannabidiol) for a while and it’s tremendous benefits for mace athletes. Its been in my head for a long time. But before i jump into the benefits let’s talk about what it is (in case you don’t know a lot about it) and why it works so well (and naturally) with your body.

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What is CBD?

To put it simple, because i know that a lot you think CBD comes from the plant marijuana, IT DOES NOT. Most CBD products in the market right now are made from the hemp plant which has very low levels of THC (the part that makes you feel high). Taking CBD will not get you high and is completely legal to use in the United States due to it not having any psychoactive components. Unfortunately, this awesome product was kept away from us for a very long time, for many reasons which i am not going to discuss within this article but FYI their are tons of great YouTube videos you can look up to learn more about cannabis history.

Something else i must tell you is that the hemp which we use to extract CBD, is also the same plant we use for hemp cooking oil, hemp seeds, hemp clothing, hemp paper etc. Hemp has been around for many uses and is pretty darn safe overall.


How does hemp derived CBD work in the body?

The very first thing to know is that endocannabinoids are a complete natural thing that already exists within our bodies. It’s nothing new to our intelligent bodies but overtime this system has been declining or should i say it is not in the same shape as it used to be.

There are two CBD receptors within our bodies: CB1 and CBD2 receptors. These are everywhere inside! An easy way to understand the receptors is to think of CB1 for the brain and CB2 for the body (immune system and inflammatory system). Interestingly, CBD does not affect either but instead influences your body to create more natural endocannabinoids within your body.


The Benefits of CBD for Mace Athletes and Students

Please keep in mind that these are benefits specific to using CBD as a supplement for training. Their are tons of other benefits to CBD that i won’t be able to discuss here so make sure you go out and dig a little deeper to find out even more CBD facts.

So what are some benefits of taking a CBD for mace training specifically? Let’s get into that right meow!


1) Great for Inflammation

We talk about it all the time. Mace is safe and you shouldn’t be getting injured from mace training but like any other fitness modality we are going to give our bodies some form of stress (the good kind) or give our bodies some sort of normal inflammation on a daily basis. For those that are training with really heavy gadas, taking some kind of CBD product will benefit you tremendously.

CBD is anti-inflammatory. It will prevent injuries and will help to reduce inflammation you might already have. You can ingest CBD in pill, tincture or gummy form -OR- even buy the topical products to apply it directly to areas that need love.

2) Reduces Your Pain

So let’s say you do have an injury or some kind of pain from previous training. CBD will not mask your pain, when taken in the long run it will allow your body to do the work and eventually heal what is going on (and hopefully you are taking the time to also figure out what you might be doing to experience such pain and injuries). Now, CBD is not a miracle cure but when taken over the long run, in the right dosage, you can expect some serious results AND you can say goodbye to your favorite painkillers. Remember that this shit is natural and you can’t expect it to work right away, give it some time and let go of instant gratification.

3) Get your mind ready for Performance

Let’s just be real, mace competitions are becoming “a thing” and with the growth of mace training we will see more events and competitions throughout the U.S. and beyond. CBD can help with many of our made up anxieties and boost our mace performance overall for “game day” as they say. CBD will not slow you down unless you take very large dosages, which you shouldn’t be taking unless you have a really big chronic condition. In the right amounts you will get greater results for relaxing the mind and body.

4) Weight Loss

If you have some weight loss goals to hit with your mace training taking CBD can help with controlling your appetite. It’s funny cause when we think about CBD, we think of marijuana which leads us over to believe that it would make us hungry but recently we have seen the opposite effect with CBD.

On another note, we have to remember that CBD has the power to reduce our anxiety, alleviate depression and calm us. This is great to keep our everyday ridiculous cortisol levels down. Remember high cortisol levels are no good and can keep us from losing weight! All of this combined can help aid with weight loss.


5 Recommended CBD Brands for Mace Training

When choosing a CBD product you’d want to make sure you are buying a high quality extract so that it can give you the benefits i mentioned above. A great way to know is to check out their product lab results and product reviews. Not all products are made equal and i want to help you get your hands on a great good product!


CBDistillery – $ Budget Friendly Price

This CBD company was founded by a group of Colorado natives and provides several products to choose from. They recently have been teaming up with athletes to provide CBD packages that are more “athlete” specific. You should check out their free CBD e-book since it is packed with way more information on CBD than this article and can help you make a decision on whether or not to take CBD in the first place.

Click here to get to the CBDistillery Website.


CBDfx – $ Budget Friendly Price

CBDfx is another great company that sells high quality CBD products.This brand and company with an office located in California and the UK. They will give you 30 day money back guarantee and up to 1 year warranty on products. If you search through their website you will also see endless amounts of great reviews. Because you are here! Enter this code “CBDAR10” to get 10% off any CBD product over at CBDfx.

Click here to get to the CBDfx Website.


Jambo Superfoods – $$$ Higher Range Price

Family owned with the full spectrum of hemp! You can’t go wrong with Jambo. This company is pretty rad since they have unique CBD products such as their CBD Spray and Daily Ritual CBD/GHEE/MCT oil! Sounds pretty damn delicious to me.

Click here to get to the Jambo Superfoods Website.


Floyds of Leadville – $$$ HIgher Range Price

These products are much more expensive than the others but they have an awesome CBD recovery protein and cream that is highly worth it. As you can tell this company is making product specifically for athletes which makes them important to try if you want some serious gains in mace training. You can learn more about the founder of the product, Floyd Landis on the website, he has a pretty damn good story that you don’t wanna miss reading.

Click here to get to the Floyds of Leadville Website.


HIFI Supplements – $$$ Higher Range Price

I’m gonna be honest on this one, i literally found HIFI through instagram and it caught my attention right away. Why? Simply cause it’s the only product i have seen that is great for recovery and includes CBD and BCAA’s! I was so fucking excited to see a product  like this in the market.

Click here to visit HIFI Supplements Website.


I hope you enjoyed this article as much as i enjoyed writing it. Like i said at the beginning i had been waiting for the opportunity to write about it and honestly, it feels like it was the perfect time to do so. To learn more about CBD products and their benefits please visit any of the companies above! They have a lot of info to provide to you and of course amazing products to help you train better! Remember that you only have one body to live in, you might as well take care of it. I personally think you would benefits from CBD as an a mace athlete or student BUT we all have to give it try and see if it works for our own body. Give it try! See if it’s something that would benefit you on an individual level.


May the universe always flow with you,

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18. This product should be used only as directed on the label. It should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. This website is not offering medical advice. Consult with a physician before use if you have a serious medical condition or use prescription medications. A Doctor’s advice should be sought before using this and any supplemental dietary product. CBD rich hemp oil extracted from the stalks of mature industrial hemp is federally legal. Steel Mace Warrior assumes no responsibility for any legal charges as a result of changing local/state laws. It is buyer’s responsibility to determine if any transaction from the vendors listed above and its affiliates is in violation with local rules and regulations.

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Mace Review: Become Stronger Warclub

Mace Review: Become Stronger Warclub


Mace Review – Become Stronger Warclub

Posted on 7/22/2018

Victoria Islas
CPT / Certified Steel Mace Coach

My first mace review and i am excited to share my experience with the Become Stronger Warclub. First off, i want to start off by saying that in no way or form was i paid to do this review. I partnered with Become Stronger Industries for my podcast show and we hit it off from there. Just needed to get that out of the way. This review is going to be 100% honest and to the point. Let’s get started!

The Pros of the WarClub Mace


1 ) The mace is handcrafted and built in the United States When the mace arrived at my door step i wasn’t sure what to expect but i knew it was going to be pretty awesome. After unwrapping the mace from the plastic it was wrapped in (which was not easy without scissors) i couldn’t believe how beautifully made it was. I love that it was handcrafted by a passionate individual and that it was built JUST FOR ME.

2) It was built and customized for me and no one else Although they will eventually all look the same, they are not the same. It was a really cool experience to tell become stronger the length i wanted the handle to be and the weight i wanted as well. I customized it based on my height, i am naturally short so getting something made for my body type and even my abilities at this point was great!

3) It’s grungy (Personal Pro)

Okay, so i love the fact that the mace is so handmade and grungy looking. Every mace that goes out has it’s own unique grunge too. Matched with my soul and rock music.

4) Loadable!

The WarClub is loadable and ready to increase weight whenever you are ready to up your game. It has a screw right underneath the head with a screw (Frankenstein FEELS). Unscrew and fill it up with whatever you’d like.

5) Little area to put lettering on

Not only will you have a custom fitness tool but you also have the option to add any saying to the warclub mace. Mine says “Steel Mace Warrior”. As shown in the video and photos. Put whatever your heart desired, just don’t get too long. Keep it short and simple. This is something you can’t get anywhere else.


The Cons of the WarClub Mace


Keep in mind that in no way am i staying away from my new warclub mace because of these few cons BUT i have to be brutally honest with you and become stronger.

1) The screw hurts

As soon as i looked at the mace i had some caution about the screw sticking out. It’s not a big o deal but you do have to be careful when using the WarClub mace. I have hurt my knuckles and fingers and it’s painful for a few seconds and i am so focused when i have been using it for my 360’s and 10 to 2’s so that i wont get myself on the ass or back. Good news is that i told become stronger about it and they mentioned that they are under development for a better design for the screw specifically so let us look out for that!

2) No grip like Onnit or Set for Set

For those that have been using an Onnit Steel Mace or Set for Set Steel Mace, the WarClub does not have gripping capabilities. Have i personally dropped the mace or has it slipped out of my hands? NOPE. But once you’ve been using it for a while and your hands start to get sweaty, you have been warned. The metal reminds me of monkey bars texture. Good news is that the WarClub mace has a baseball bat like edge to prevent your bottom hand from leaving the handle. It will be an awesome challenge overall.


How i felt when i used it

The WarClub mace is unique because of it’s shape and material. Using it will have to force your body to develop new ways of using a mace of this breed which is always great in fitness terms. Swinging it has definitely provided a new experience for me physically and even mentally due to it’s rare features. Can’t wait to use it tomorrow and the next day!

In conclusion

I recommend the WarClub mace. I seriously think it’s worth the investment because of the craftsmanship that goes into making it. I also think it works you out in a complete new and more challenging way because of it’s unique cylinder mace head shape. I believe that if you have been wanting to try a new kind of mace this one is awesome. I am so happy to have such a rare mace in my collection. Collect yours today!


Visit Become Stronger at –


Comment below: Let me know if you are considering a Become Stronger Warclub and what you plan to do with it.


May the universe always flow with you,

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Steel Mace Exercises for Costochondritis and Better Posture (With Video)

Steel Mace Exercises for Costochondritis and Better Posture (With Video)


Steel Mace Exercises for Costochondritis and Better Posture

Posted on 7/18/2018

Victoria Islas

CPT / Certified Steel Mace Coach

There are all sorts of ways to use the steel mace or mace for your well being. Today i am going to talk about specifically using it to alleviate and help with Costochondritis as well as for better posture overall. Movement is medicine! Before we get started i suggest you use a 7LB  mace for these therapeutic mace movements. Going heavy is not the aim here.

How does Costochondritis and Posture connect?

If you have Costochondritis you will notice that we all have a unique version of it but yet we do have similar symptoms from one case to another. One of the reason we could be having issue with this chronic condition is the fact that we all are having some form of postural problem. Bad Posture can cause many different issues within the body, not just Costochondritis. For example, did you know that bad posture can even affect the way your organs sit inside your body? What! Mhhm. Fixing some postural issues can dramatically help you feel better! Now let’s move into the movements and let me instruct them as best as i can.

Disclaimer: Before you start any type of exercise program please consult your physician or doctor.

Make sure that you listen to your body at all times. Be aware and stop if you feel any pain at all.


Movement 1 | Shoulder Blade Squeeze | Start with 4 Sets for 7 Repetitions

This movement will open up your chest, improve your posture and get your shoulder blades moving correctly.

  1. Grab your mace. Your grip orientation should be in the “under under” position and the mace should be placed in horizontal middle.
  2. Bring the mace out in front of you in the horizontal position. Right above Navel (Belly Button).
  3. Then PRESS the mace towards your belly in a slow while activating and squeezing the shoulder blades in your back.
  4. Then return back to the starting position and repeat.


Movement 2 | Spinal Twists | Start with 4 Sets of 10 Repetitions

Over time our spine becomes stiff or frozen and this is definitely an issue we constantly see people having with Costochondritis. What we want to do is unfreeze or release all that stiffness within the spine, let us loosen it with some slow spinal twists. This movement should be done slowly. Do not do it aggressively.

  1. Grab your mace. Your grip orientation should be in the “under over” position and the mace should be in horizontal middle. Make sure your spine is straight and aligned, activate/engage your core to protect your spine as you twist.
  2. Slowly start to twist from right to left in your first set, then switch from left to right in your second set and continue to switch until you complete your 4 sets. Start your breath inhale where your twist starts and then exhale where it ends.


Movement 3| Overhead Press | 3 sets of 12 Repetitions

Pressing overhead is going to help start moving those muscles we haven’t been moving out of fear of our Costochondritis flaring up. The overhead press will start to give you strength in the chest and upper back. The point is to bring movement back in these area. As always, slowly press overhead and slowly come down.

  1. Grab your mace. Your grip orientation should be in “Over Over” position and the mace should be in horizontal top.
  2. Slowly raise the mace over your head and then bring it back down to it’s original starting position.


Movement 4 | Static Pendulum Stretch

This movement is really not a movement at all. It’s a static stretch to help open up that chest and bring your posture back to where it should be. This is also great for your triceps.

  1. Grab your mace. Your grip orientation should be in “In In” position and the mace should be in the vertical rack position.
  2. Slowly, take the mace from the front to the back.
  3. Keep the mace behind you for about :20-:30 seconds, depends on how you feel. So be aware of how you feel during this stretch.
  4. To come out of this stretch, NEVER come out of it with one hand over your shoulder, you will get injured. Slowly let your bottom hand release the mace and then take that same hand behind you again to grab the handle towards the mace head. Then release the top hand and bring the mace back in front of you. OR you can also adjust your hands behind you until you choke the mace and you can pull it over in front of you.





May the universe always flow with you,

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What Steel Mace Weight should you use? (UPDATED WITH VIDEO)

What Steel Mace Weight should you use? (UPDATED WITH VIDEO)


What Steel Mace Weight should you use?

Posted on 4/29/2018 | Reading Time 4:54 | LAST UPDATED 7/16/18

Victoria Islas

CPT / Certified Steel Mace Coach

Starting Off Questions

You are getting into Steel Mace. Fuck yeah! Congrats to you. I mean it. The steel mace is amazing. You want to start training but then the question pops up: What weight of Steel Mace should I use? Well, fear no more! I shall help you answer this frequently asked question. The first thing you must ask yourself before asking the above question is “Where am I physically?” Knowing where you are physically in strength and conditioning is important and something to consider when choosing a Steel Mace weight for your training.

Moving on!


Steel Mace Weights

The sizes that are available are 7lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, and 25lb. Weight can go beyond 25lb if you get a fillable or custom traditional mace but for now, I am sticking to Steel Maces such as Set for Set’s Maces. I wrote a blog article before this one where I list a bunch of steel mace suppliers for your convenience that I think you should check out if you are looking for a quality mace.


When you are a NEWBIE to Steel Mace or Fitness in general

Some of you might be completely new to steel mace and I wouldn’t be surprised that Steel Mace might be something that is drawing you back in after years of a sedentary life. The standard sizes to start off with are 7lb and 10lb steel maces if you are JUST NEW to mace. Why? Well you are going to learn some new movements (actually hundreds of movements) and as a coach myself I wouldn’t want you to get hurt and I’d rather you be safe. Obviously, if I noticed that it wasn’t doing it for you; I’d bump you up to a weight that is more challenging.
It’s important to see if you can find someone locally who can help you one-on-one or in a group setting with Steel Mace Training, that way they can get a 3D view of you with a mace in your hands to have a better idea of you with a mace overall. But for those that do not want to go find a Steel Mace coach to help you, no worries. Just be safe and you should be fine!


For those that have been training for a long time and are literally fucking super heroes

If you are THOR strong then starting off with a 10lb or 15lb would be fine. I understand that maybe some of you are going to have an athletic background. But let’s not let our big ego get in the way either. Again, if you haven’t picked up a mace before it’s great to get used to the movements first. Just like when we first get into any other type of fitness training; we need to give our body’s time to get used to swinging, rotating and so on. You will see that when you get a mace in your hand, it’s another beast on its own.


Switching weights during training

Keep in mind that you can totally have a variety of steel mace weights to alter the intensity of your training during your workout. I haven’t graduated to a 15lb as of yet! I switch between my 7lb and 10lb mace during training. But I also know that a 15lb would up my game tremendously in the future but I would rather stay humble about my position with the steel mace. I honor it and know that eventually, I will get stronger and more stable in my movements. BUT if I did add it in it would def. alter the intensity of my workout overall. So buy and try a few weights if you have the cash to do so! This might even get you faster Steel Mace benefits & results.


Consider the type of Steel Mace training you will be doing

If you go on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, with time, you are going to start seeing that there are two different styles: Traditional Mace & Flow. Why do I ask you to go take a look? Because this can also affect your weight decision. Traditional Mace requires a heavier weighted head and Flow would be lighter so that you can do all those awesome warrior moves. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t go up in weight with the flow! I have seen plenty of flow masters load it up and create wonderful flows as well BUT it takes tons of training and time to get to that level so if you are just starting to flow go a little lighter.

And finally remember what your goals are

Think about why you are getting into steel mace training. What are your personal fitness goals? Are you an athlete looking to get better at your sport by implementing steel mace? Or are you trying to lose some weight with the steel mace? Consider your goals as well!


In summary what weight is the best?

In summary, I can’t tell you off the back what size to go for. You are a unique warrior! Your strength and conditioning, where you are in fitness (newbie or athlete), the type of intensity you are looking for and even the style of mace training affects the steel mace weight decision. But I would recommend that you start with a 7lb or 10lb mace if you are just getting into fitness or steel mace. Woman or man. If you’ve been working out for a while but are new to steel mace, start with a 10lb or 15lb mace, or go with both to feel the weights yourself. And finally, if you are going to use the mace traditionally and your body is then go heavy! I hope this article was helpful. Feel free to contact me anytime regarding Steel Mace. Oh and before i forget! If you want another view or opinion or someone to answer this question for you visit Set for Set’s article here.


May the universe always flow with you,


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FREE Mr. Maceman E-Book – Mace Training Manual V2

FREE Mr. Maceman E-Book – Mace Training Manual V2


Mace Training Manual by Mr.Maceman (FREE E-BOOK)

Posted on 7/15/2018

Victoria Islas
CPT / Certified Steel Mace Coach
I have collaborated with Rik Brown to bring you his totally FREE MACE TRAINING MANUAL, exclusively on the Steel Mace Warrior website.

This 35 page digital mace training manual  is completely illustrated with photos and packed with mace knowledge that you will benefit tremendously from. This guide is also great if you plan to attend any of Rik’s upcoming mace workshops as a pre-requisite read.

Important Side Note: This mace manual is soon to be updated by Rik Brown. I will make sure to announce the updated version as soon as it is available.




You can find Rik Brown AKA Mr.Maceman online at:


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May the universe always flow with you,

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What causes Costochondritis and how to alleviate it

What causes Costochondritis and how to alleviate it


What causes Costochondritis and how to alleviate it

Posted on 7/8/2018

Victoria Islas

CPT / Certified Steel Mace Coach

My experience with Costochondritis – FYI it was terrifying

A few months ago I was diagnosed with Costochondritis. Just like many of you, I was a bit scared because I had no idea what that meant. All I knew was that I had pain in my chest that almost felt like a heart attack and I knew ONE THING – I never wanted to lay in bed for days with pain like that again. Yup! That is right. The very first time I became inflamed, it was fucking terrible. What I want to tell you today is that it’s not the end of the world and once you get the inflammation down you can start moving  your body again with minimal pain.

So where am I with my own Costochondritis this days? I get that question quiet often through my YouTube channel which I recommend you check out for videos on this subject as well. Anyways, I still get it! But not as bad as I used to because I have been implementing strategies to help me heal. It’s better but I still gotta live with is. SO what better thing for me to do than to share my experiences with you on my blog?


What causes Costochondritis?

Costochondritis can be caused by several things such as:

  • Overuse of your arms
  • Weightlifting and strenuous exercise
  • Repeated trauma in the areas that inflame
  • Arthritis
  • Tumor in Costo sternal joint region
  • A shitty diet – you are what you eat
  • Bad posture or moving incorrectly


What to do to minimize your Costochondritis pain

Let’s talk about what you can do to minimize your pain and to start your own unique healing process. First off, I have no idea the level of your pain and everyone is unique so you have to make sure you talk to your doctor and to be super good at listening to your own body. Anything that you feel is making you feel more pain, STOP immediately. These are things that I do for my own body but it doesn’t mean it will work for you entirely. So please, make sure to listen to your temple and also realize that I am a super spiritual person that believes in alternative healing practices (you might not always agree with me). Overall though, I have faith that some of these things listed will help you! Moving on.


Try an Anti-Inflammatory Diet & start a food journal

Costochondritis is a form of inflammation so what better way to alleviate it than with an anti-inflammatory diet! You are what you eat and what your meal eats. In other words I’d like you to reflect on the foods you are eating and I even recommend starting a food journal. Is it mostly processed foods / drive-thru? Or are you eating fresh whole foods?

Eat things such as: fresh organic fruits and vegetables, grass fed beef, wild-caught fish and healthy fats.

You don’t have to empty your entire fridge and go crazy because even minimizing and adding these foods to your meals is going to do wonders.

As a bonus, make sure to download my FREE Anti-Inflammatory Foods List to help you on your healing journey!


Get your body moving and try stretching

I am a believer in moving and stretching. We don’t want to stop moving our body because we are scared shitless about our costochondritis. On the contrary, even physical therapists suggest moving a little when we are injured. I am not saying go out and do some crazy workout, nope that won’t help. Let’s try to figure out what works for you and start moving little by little. Little steps are good! Also you’d want to wait on this if you are really inflamed and hurting. First bring the inflammation down and then start to slowly move the body.

Great exercise types to get into after a flare up: Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Walking, Light Mace or Club Training.

Here is a great video with some stretches I use on a daily basis:


Energy healing for your body

Okay so this is where I get a little out there but I truly believe in energy healing. I recommend Reiki to you. It’s a no-touch type of energy healing therapy. Sometimes our pain can be emotional and Reiki can release that for you. My costochondritis started after my dad past away and I find Reiki beneficial for my case. If you think you have some emotions sorta stuck in your body I suggest you talk to a Reiki healer in your area! Just look up Reiki in “your city” on google. Now, Reiki is also great for the cases that aren’t related to emotions. In other words if it’s physical, It can still help.


Other things you can try

Let’s not stop there! You can try other alternative methods to healing your costochondritis such as:

  • Visiting a Chiropractor
  • Getting a Massage
  • Using corrective exercises
  • Getting a posture analysis
  • Working with a personal trainer
  • Hypnotherapy


I hope this article works for you and please feel free to send me a message whenever you’d like. I love speaking with people and hearing your stories.

 So tell me, what will you be trying from the above lists? COMMENT BELOW.


May the universe always flow with you,

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