The Scavenger Steel Mace Workout

by Nov 26, 2018


The Scavenger Steel Mace Workout

Posted on 11/26/2018

Article by | Victoria Islas

Certified Steel Mace Coach / Personal Trainer

Let’s move in ways that will make our body fight to stabilize and that will get you rotating. These are great to do in the morning or evening. I feel like they personally help me ground myself for the day or after a crazy one.

It’s a great full body workout for you! I will do my best to write out some details to help you through these exercises.

The  Sets, Reps and Weight of the mace will depend on your fitness level as shown below (please feel free to modify as you feel fit but always making sure you aren’t going heavier than you need to and to concentrate on your movement):

Beginner Level – 4 Sets, 6 Reps Each Side
Women / 10 LB mace
Men / 10 or 15 LB mace

Advanced Level – 6 Sets, 12 Reps Each Side
Women / 10 LB or 15 LB Mace
Men / 10,15, or 20 LB Mace

Please make sure to do each side per set. For example you started on your right side on set 1, switch to your left side in set 2 and so on.


Circle Side Clean Mace Exercise

  1. Start in rack position (the mace right in front of you with hands stacked on top of one another), Feet are pointing forward, your core and glutes are activated.
  2. Slide the top hand up towards the mace head and swoosh down in a circular motion, at the same time your feet and legs should follow. Quickly stack your top hand back to it’s original placement until you catch the mace to the side of you.
  3. Then come back to rack position. Pause for 3 seconds and do another rep.
  4. Keep in mind that the mace is going to try to pull you forward when you turn your entire body. Your going to have to control and fight it this is going to fire up your entire body!
  5. Also please be careful because the mace will also try and hit you in the face if you aren’t catching it nice and tight. This will show you how strong your grip is. 

Grave Digger Squats Mace Exercise

  1. If you have seen and heard about a Grave Digger before then you should know that this adds another element to it, a squat. Which is really awesome if you ask me.
  2. Start with the mace to the side of you while your entire body is facing forward. The swoop down like you are a weirdo digging out a body from a grave (as the title of this exercise suggests).
  3. Bring your arms over head. Do not extend past your ears with the arm near the mace head.
  4. Then bring the mace in front of you and squat down. Keeping your chest up and your weight on the heels of your feet ( you know if you are good if you can wiggle your toes a bit).
  5. And then repeat!

Spear Lunges Mace Exercise

  1. You are going to start in a horizontal middle position with your mace. The weighted mace head should be by the leg that is going to go out in front of you.
  2. Once you lunge forward  you are going to rotate your body away from the leg that is in front of you. Now with the mace pointing forward you are going to reach out with the mace like you are going hunting for food and you are about to spear your prey or something like that! haha.
  3. Bring back the mace towards your body, bring your body back to center and then twist back with the mace back in horizontal middle. Repeat!


May the universe always flow with you,



  1. Mark Tompkins

    Thank You Victoria.I appreciate any workouts you come up with as I often need direction and motivation despite my passion for this great pursuit.

    • Victoria

      Anytime Mark! That’s why i do it. To reach individuals like you. Keep alive with that mace!


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