4 Things you can do when you are feeling frustrated with your Steel Mace Training

Written by Coach Victoria Islas
ISSA Master Trainer / Founder of SMW

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4 Things you can do when you are feeling frustrated with your Steel Mace Training

Posted on 7/28/2019 | Steel Mace Warrior

Article by | Victoria Islas

Certified Steel Mace Coach / Personal Trainer

 Great! You bought your very first 10 LB Steel Mace as prescribed through your research, online course or steel mace coach. Congratulations! I am truly fucking happy for you! It pumps me up to know more and more of you are picking one up and trying something new. Unconventional training is truly the way to go.

But on another note, some of you might start feeling frustrated with Steel Mace Training or maybe even unmotivated by it at first. Let me tell you something, that is totally okay. We all feel that way when we first pick up a steel mace and sometimes we even feel it through out our journey.

I want to share 4 things with you if you are feeling a bit frustrated. Let us begin!

1) Take some deep breaths, it’s gonna be a bumpy ass ride.

Like everything else in life Steel Mace Training is not very different. Every person that has picked up a mace had to learn to deal with some or even all of the frustrations you are having. You are not alone.

My recommendation is to: take some deep breaths, literally. Next time you are feeling your moods and want to throw the mace out the window take a big breath in, and a big breath out. Then take another breath, then another one and another one until your feelings are gone and when it is, say the word “goodbye”. Learning to use a steel mace is going to take more than a few days, it might take more than a few weeks, hell if you are learning something as intricate like Steel Mace Flow by Leo SavageVKNJA by Erik Esik Melland, or Mr.Maceman – it might take you months. But at the end of the year, you are going to be surprised how much you’ve improved! It will be incredible and so very worth it if it’s something you truly want.

2) Remember your body and mind need time to connect.

Without getting all technical, remember that your body and mind need time to connect. Practice + Time = your best ally. Don’t set yourself up with unreasonable expectations or else you are setting yourself up to fail.

My recommendation is to: Get organized and set a schedule up for practice (if you haven’t already), start with beginner moves (and even when you think you are sensei level, continue to practice beginner moves) and finally, practice SLOWLY & WITH TENSION. I have seen too many individuals frustrated because they don’t set themselves up to win from the start. Go out and get your fucking win!

3) Make a commitment to your mace. JUST PUT A RING ON IT.

If you are getting into mace for the wrong reason(s), stop now. Drop it. Learning to use the Steel Mace is going to take a good o’ commitment. Think of this as a long-term thang. And then think about WHY AM I DOING THIS? WHY DID I PICK UP A MACE? WHAT’S MY GOAL WITH THIS WARRIOR WEAPON? HOW WILL THIS MACE AFFECT MY LIFE? WHY DID IT ATTRACT ME? Like Beyonce says “cause if you like it, then you should have put a ring on it”.

My recommendation is to: answer the questions above and then either commit to your training or drop it altogether. Although I know that if you are reading this you are most likely gonna put a ring on it. Just saying!


Let’s face it, we go on Instagram or YouTube, we see someone else swinging or moving with the mace and we automatically are programmed to compare ourselves to the way those individuals are moving. Trust me, they weren’t always that great! And to be honest, we are all different and unique human beings. We shouldn’t be comparing ourselves or rushing to look precise, to begin with. Enjoy your mace journey, play a little, laugh at yourself. Training shouldn’t be sloppy fun but it should involve some giggles. This will keep your frustrations down.

In summary most of us warriors take a breath or do an entire session of breath to center ourselves (frustration will lead us to no place good), we take our time to let our mind and body adjust to the new stimuli, we bond and commit, and finally, we don’t waste time comparing ourselves! Instead, we focus on learning, laughing at ourselves and enjoying the journey.

If you are looking for a Steel Mace Coach in Yuma, AZ or are looking for a remote Steel Mace Coach feel free to check out my training page for more details. If you are looking for an online course there are plenty of options too! I will be posting about that soon so keep in touch and make sure you subscribe for my emails below.

Do you ever feel frustrated during Steel Mace Training? Comment below!

May the universe always flow with you,


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