Why Perfect Steel Mace Practice Matters

Written by Coach Victoria Islas
ISSA Master Trainer / Founder of SMW

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We’ve all heard the saying “Practice Makes Perfect” but what we should be saying is “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”. In this blog article I am going to discuss why Perfect Practice is important when you train with the Steel Mace.


Why we don’t look amazing right out the box

You’ve received your Steel Mace in the mail. You take it out of the box and you are so looking forward to training like a warrior. But then after just a few days you realize that the tool you so wanted to use is a lot harder and you don’t look like the dudes you look up to. Yup! That is Steel Mace for ya! Actually, that is any kind of training. Like with anything else, you will need to practice skills and techniques necessary to be AMAZING. Many of you will dedicate yourself to practice, many of you won’t. You will either love the Steel Mace or hate it. It will take time and much repetition to look and feel amazing with the Steel Mace.But fear not, I believe in you so much I am going to share a very important tip with you!


Get it right, everytime, as much as you can

It’s important for you to get it right and what I mean by this is to move your body and your body loaded with the mace as perfectly as possible every time. You need to start with the foundations and then REFINE those foundations before working your way up. Slow down, pay attention, focus. No need to rush the process, instead be one with the process. When we practice with errors, we develop motor programs with errors! Which can lead to no progress and injuries. Even though it might appear as if we are progressing, we are not if you are programming yourself with errors.


What is a motor program?

A motor program is a movement pattern that the nervous system ends up developing with every single steel mace repetition. This is what allows your brain & nervous system to pick up the steel mace over and over and do that one “exercise” automatically.  Your body is magical and complex so FEED IT great technique, skill and movement as much as possible. If you don’t you will have to work just as hard to reprogram it. So why not start your warrior journey the best you can?


Searching for a Coach

This leads me to discuss searching for a Coach. We can’t take the journey on our own. I myself have had discussions with other coaches through my podcast, attended workshops, purchased online courses and have online coaches (since I am the only steel mace coach in Yuma,AZ)  help me through my journey. I couldn’t have gotten as far as I have without it! I encourage you to keep a student mindset, get a coach who can call you out and learn as much as possible. I keep learning more about Steel Mace every day. Seriously, it is so awesome. I enjoy every second of it and I also do my best to pass it onto you through my website steelmacewarrior.com. 


So how do you find a Steel Mace Coach/Trainer? Well, I am available to you at any time during your journey. I have online training for only $45 per month  and steel mace group classes + 1-on-1 steel mace sessions in Yuma,AZ (closed at this time due to COVID-19). I also have a FREE STEEL MACE BASICS GUIDE you can download today! The second thing I would recommend is to do a search on Google with these keywords “Steel Mace Trainer Near Me” or “Steel Mace Coach Near Me” to find someone local. I am currently working on opening up my Steel Mace Coach Directory again. It needs a major facelift but will keep everyone updated to when it will be up and running again. I dedicate a big part of my website to promote and help other Steel Mace Trainers – not just myself. 

In summary this is what I discussed with you:

  1. Slow down, be one with the process.
  2. Focus when you are training with your Steel Mace.
  3. Always get it right – program correct movement, not errors.
  4. Find a coach who can train you and call you out (help you).


Great tip for you! Practice swell. And as always, may the universe always flow with you.

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