What causes Costochondritis and how to alleviate it

by Jul 8, 2018


What causes Costochondritis and how to alleviate it

Posted on 7/8/2018

Article By | Victoria Islas

Certified Steel Mace Coach / Personal Trainer

My experience with Costochondritis – FYI it was terrifying

A few months ago I was diagnosed with Costochondritis. Just like many of you, I was a bit scared because I had no idea what that meant. All I knew was that I had pain in my chest that almost felt like a heart attack and I knew ONE THING – I never wanted to lay in bed for days with pain like that again. Yup! That is right. The very first time I became inflamed, it was fucking terrible. What I want to tell you today is that it’s not the end of the world and once you get the inflammation down you can start moving  your body again with minimal pain.

So where am I with my own Costochondritis this days? I get that question quiet often through my YouTube channel which I recommend you check out for videos on this subject as well. Anyways, I still get it! But not as bad as I used to because I have been implementing strategies to help me heal. It’s better but I still gotta live with is. SO what better thing for me to do than to share my experiences with you on my blog?


What causes Costochondritis?

Costochondritis can be caused by several things such as:

  • Overuse of your arms
  • Weightlifting and strenuous exercise
  • Repeated trauma in the areas that inflame
  • Arthritis
  • Tumor in Costo sternal joint region
  • A shitty diet – you are what you eat
  • Bad posture or moving incorrectly


What to do to minimize your Costochondritis pain

Let’s talk about what you can do to minimize your pain and to start your own unique healing process. First off, I have no idea the level of your pain and everyone is unique so you have to make sure you talk to your doctor and to be super good at listening to your own body. Anything that you feel is making you feel more pain, STOP immediately. These are things that I do for my own body but it doesn’t mean it will work for you entirely. So please, make sure to listen to your temple and also realize that I am a super spiritual person that believes in alternative healing practices (you might not always agree with me). Overall though, I have faith that some of these things listed will help you! Moving on.


Try an Anti-Inflammatory Diet & start a food journal

Costochondritis is a form of inflammation so what better way to alleviate it than with an anti-inflammatory diet! You are what you eat and what your meal eats. In other words I’d like you to reflect on the foods you are eating and I even recommend starting a food journal. Is it mostly processed foods / drive-thru? Or are you eating fresh whole foods?

Eat things such as: fresh organic fruits and vegetables, grass fed beef, wild-caught fish and healthy fats.

You don’t have to empty your entire fridge and go crazy because even minimizing and adding these foods to your meals is going to do wonders.

As a bonus, make sure to download my FREE Anti-Inflammatory Foods List to help you on your healing journey!


Get your body moving and try stretching

I am a believer in moving and stretching. We don’t want to stop moving our body because we are scared shitless about our costochondritis. On the contrary, even physical therapists suggest moving a little when we are injured. I am not saying go out and do some crazy workout, nope that won’t help. Let’s try to figure out what works for you and start moving little by little. Little steps are good! Also you’d want to wait on this if you are really inflamed and hurting. First bring the inflammation down and then start to slowly move the body.

Great exercise types to get into after a flare up: Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Walking, Light Mace or Club Training.

Here is a great video with some stretches I use on a daily basis:


Energy healing for your body

Okay so this is where I get a little out there but I truly believe in energy healing. I recommend Reiki to you. It’s a no-touch type of energy healing therapy. Sometimes our pain can be emotional and Reiki can release that for you. My costochondritis started after my dad past away and I find Reiki beneficial for my case. If you think you have some emotions sorta stuck in your body I suggest you talk to a Reiki healer in your area! Just look up Reiki in “your city” on google. Now, Reiki is also great for the cases that aren’t related to emotions. In other words if it’s physical, It can still help.


Other things you can try

Let’s not stop there! You can try other alternative methods to healing your costochondritis such as:

  • Visiting a Chiropractor
  • Getting a Massage
  • Using corrective exercises
  • Getting a posture analysis
  • Working with a personal trainer
  • Hypnotherapy


I hope this article works for you and please feel free to send me a message whenever you’d like. I love speaking with people and hearing your stories.

 So tell me, what will you be trying from the above lists? COMMENT BELOW.


May the universe always flow with you,

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  1. linda

    i like what you said i have been haveing this pain for a long time and doctors can not tell me why i taugh it was a heart attact and that is what they told me then i went away to have my heart check there was nothing wrong with my heart until i went on line and pull up the pains i was haveing and where it was then it tell me what it is and what i need to take so i just start takeing motrin


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