The Daily Warrior 

Beginner steel mace fitness workouts delivered daily

$9 per month

If you’re just starting your steel mace journey and craving killer workouts to shape up, gain strength, and embrace the warrior lifestyle, look no further than The Daily Warrior.

Receive 3-4 dynamic workouts straight to your inbox every week, complete with a Workout of the Day, expert Coach Notes, and step-by-step Exercise Animation Videos to keep you on track.

Ideal for beginners ready to elevate their fitness journey from the comfort of home!

And yes…you can cancel anytime! Details on enrollment page.

SMW Online Coaching

Via Zoom Meetings + Email | Limited Spots Available

$444 per month

Seeking personalized guidance from an online health/fitness coach to achieve your goals? Longing to boost your self-esteem and self-worth? Eager to harness the power of the Steel Mace in your training regimen? Look no further!

With SMW’s private online coaching, you’ll receive dedicated 1-on-1 support, a tailor-made exercise and nutrition blueprint, and enriching spiritual coaching.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Click the button below to dive deeper.

Choose from our monthly plan or commit for 3 or 6 months!

No commitment | Nutrition Plan

No Commitment Nutrition Service | Delivered in PDF format over email within 24 hours.

$99.00 | Nutrition PLan

$49 | Macro Updates

Ready to kickstart your health journey without committing to ongoing coaching sessions? Look no further! Opt for my personalized nutrition plan – a one-stop solution tailored just for you!

Join the warrior wellness journey with a personalized nutrition roadmap crafted to match your individual goals and health profile.

Plus, as you progress on your journey (which usually spans 1-3 months), rest assured that your plan will evolve alongside you – simply return for updates to keep your momentum going strong!

*Macro updates are recommended but are optional and cost $49 per adjustment.

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