The Styles of Steel Mace Training 101

Written by Coach Victoria Islas
ISSA Master Trainer / Founder of SMW

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For many of you the world of Steel Mace Training will be overwhelming at first glance. You will see that the community is filled with a variety of backgrounds, beautiful people doing beautiful things with their Steel Mace in hand. Today I am going to take you through the different styles of Steel Mace Training to help you find your own happiness with your Steel Mace Training. Something to note is that I love all systems, respect all my teachers and all the paths within this modality! Many will agree with what I have to say, others will disagree and I am totally okay with that. I am not here to say “I am right, you are wrong” or to spit out dogma. Peace and love warriors!

Something else to note is that this blog article and youtube video was inspired by a facebook post I posted back in July. I provided a Steel Mace Training Style graphic that got many positive responses. Super stoked to be hitting it again!

The Spectrum of Styles

You will find a variety of styles in the spectrum which include: Traditional, Hybrid and Flow. I find myself being right in the middle under “Hybrid” since I love learning from every system, teacher and training in every style. But some of you may lean one way or another or maybe you might not even agree to be anywhere on this spectrum! Cause even I can say… I don’t want a label at all. Now let us move on and talk about the three in detail below.

Traditional – This style of mace training is usually seen as “traditional”. Individuals use Gadas and usually use the techniques from India where this style was established. This is also a style used for the competitive sport of mace. The focus is mostly on swings.

Hybrid – The in between is called “hybrid” and I added it in because you will spot those that don’t lean too far to the right or left. This is not a style but rather a place or position in the spectrum. Where the styles are combined to fit you.

Flow – Steel Mace Flow encourages you ta move in all planes of motion in a flow state of mind. Flow allows you to express yourself through movement while building strength and mobility.

I had to also highlight a great comment that was left by a YouTuber named Dennis and this is what he had to say about “Flow” in Yoga:

“In Yoga “flow” is usually referred to synchronizing movement with inhale and exhale and not so much with the state of mind. Great content!”

I couldn’t agree more! You can’t enter flow without breath which was not mentioned in my Video. So High Five Dennis you fucking nailed it! Maybe another video to come from this and maybe with some experts? *hint hint

So that is it! It gives you an insight of what you will find when you enter the world of Steel Mace. If you would like to download a PDF Guide of the “Steel Mace Training Styles” – click here to download it for FREE.

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