5 Steel Mace Exercises for your Glutes/Booty + Free Download

Aug 5, 2020 | Steel Mace

Written by Coach Victoria Islas
ISSA Master Trainer / Founder of SMW

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If you have a Steel Mace and have been needing some exercises to target the glutes/booty, well here you go. Great for both the ladies and men! These are 5 easy steel mace glute exercises anyone can do! All you need is your mace and a nice open space. Your living room will do if you are using a mace from home. Now let’s jump in! P.S. There is a free download at the very bottom of this post in case you want a nice print out of these exercises. Enjoy!

1) Split Squat

  1. Stand in split stance position with your steel mace in a horizontal top body placement (over-over hand placement). The mace head (weighted side) should be over your front leg.
  2. Begin the exercise by bringing your back leg down into a 90 degree angle, front leg follows. Making sure to keep your chest and hips in a straight line.
  3. Come back up to standing and repeat.

2) Half Moon

1.Start in a proper standing position. Feet shoulder width apart. Your mace is in a Horizontal Bottom Body Placement with over-over hand placement.

2. Begin this exercise by lifting your foot off the floor then lead down with your mace while you hip hinge and extend your leg back. The foot that is grounded to the floor should have a slight bend. Keep the mace close to your grounded leg the entire time.

3. End by slowly coming up and back to the starting position, then repeat for the next rep.

*This exercise requires you to go steady and slow. Don’t rush through it and maintain balance.

3) Rack Squat

  1. Start with the mace racked on your shoulder, your hands will be in an in-in hand placement. You should be in a proper standing position. Feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Begin the exercise by squatting down. Butt goes down (as if sitting on a chair), knees track over feet but not over the toes. Keep your chest up.
  3. Squat back up and repeat your next rep.

4) Ballistic Mid Swing Throw

  1. Start in a proper standing position. Feet a little wider than shoulder width to make room for the steel mace.
  2. Begin the exercise by swinging the mace back between your legs as you hip-hinge at the same time.
  3. Explode and swing the mace back up with the power of your hips and legs. Keep a firm grip with the hand that is at the edge of the handle and gently allow gravity to throw the mace a few inches up in the air.
  4. Once the throw comes back into your hand, get ready for your next rep.

5) Lateral Lunge

  1. Start in a proper standing position. The steel mace in a horizontal middle body placement and an under-over hand placement.
  2. Take the leg without the weighted mace head out to the side and bring your mace straight across while bringing your shoulder back (side row).
  3. When finished with the lateral lunge push off the lead leg and come back to your starting position. Repeat for the next rep.

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