Which Steel Mace Should You Use?

Written by Coach Victoria Islas
ISSA Master Trainer / Founder of SMW

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Today I am going to answer a common question: “Which Steel Mace Should I Use?” – there are so many types of Steel Maces / Maces out there! Let’s talk about that today.

The best way to learn about the types of Steel Maces is to go through them together!

The Types of Maces (Although these aren’t all)

1.The Standard Steel Mace – This is the one you see everywhere, from social media to gyms all over America and beyond. Most likely you saw your Steel Mace Heroes/ Top Athletes in the industry using this one as well! These are available from ONNIT or Set for Set – You can use this promo code: SMW10 to get 10% your first order!

So why would you want to buy the Standard Steel Mace? Well everyone starts with this Steel Mace and this is the one most workshops and group classes use to teach you the fundamentals. Second, it’s the most affordable! A standard steel mace can cost anywhere between $30-$40 + shipping. This Steel Mace is also great for Flow style!

2.The Wooden Mace (Primal Flow) – This mace is made out of wood and it’s very light. The Primal Flow (the only wooden mace in the market right now ) is used by Dr. joey Cadena. He uses is with his Physical Therapy Clients. You can use it with clients that want to use a mace but the Steel Mace is too heavy if they have had injuries in the past or need to use is REHAB style.

Another reason to use this mace is to learn how to “Make light feel heavy and heavy feel light”. In other words to learn and focus on nailing fundamentals (sometimes life isn’t about going HEAVY). You can also use this mace for RECOVERY purposes. If you’ve been hitting the mace heavy and want add a recovery drill with a lighter mace, this is a great choice!

3. The Adjustable Mace (Adex Maces and Clubs) – The adjustable mace is great for those going deep with traditional strength training. Those who want to have a mace that can adjust as your strength training program does! If you are having a hard time understanding what “adjustable” means an example (not comparison) is like those bowflex adjustable dumbbells! You can adjust the weight as your strength grows or even regress as well!

You’ll see the Adex Mace appear at Mace Competitions around the United States held by Vintage Strength Games. Most traditional gada athletes gravitate to this mace. And adex is constantly growing is catalog of maces!

4. Custom Maces – When it comes down to custom maces – they are everywhere as well! And most of the time they are handcrafted by the artists in the mace community! That is what makes these maces worth the higher ticket prices. You get something unique, something artistic and made just for you. No one else will have the same custom mace you do! Each mace comes with different features.

The one I mention through the YouTube video was made by Become Stronger and it is def. one of my favorites. It is also loadable – I can fill it up with bb’s or shot to increase the weight. Extremely awesome! I just don’t know how much in weight it will increase compared to how easily that is with the Adex mace. I’d have to weigh it somehow!

To end this, I would like to say that there are MANY MANY other brands and artists out there and I did not mention them since I have yet to purchase more maces. But for now, that is on hold for me because honestly, I am a mace collector/addict. I encourage you to explore and to choose the Steel Mace that works with your fitness goals and your mace journey. We are all unique! A great place to start is with the Standard Steel Mace BUT feel free to have them all! Also don’t forget to check out this blog article on “What Steel Mace Weight Should I Use?”!

May the universe always flow with you, Coach Victoria Islas

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  1. Steve

    Now that Primal Flow has suspended production of their wooden mace, another option for those wanting a lighter wooden (and very pretty!) mace is the red oak Maceflow Mace from BodyMindFit (https://www.bodymind-fit.com/shop/flowmace-mace-gada-2kg). It comes in two weight options: 4.5 lbs and 5.3 lbs (though they also sell both a lighter flowmace and a heavier adjustable gada).

    (I have no connection with BodyMindFit, just giving them a shout-out. They have a great ethos and I’m very happy with every club and mace I’ve bought from them.)


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