Form Follows Function by Coach Rich Thurman

by Jun 7, 2018


[Steel Mace] Form Follows Function by Coach Rich Thurman

Posted on 6/6/2018 | Listening or Watching Time 1:22
Victoria Islas
CPT / Certified Steel Mace Coach
Please take the time to watch this quick video by Coach Rich Thurman. He talks about how “form follows function” when you are using the mace. This is a lesson we should all learn and be aware of with our bodies to make better use of the mace itself. Why use something improperly, with no mindfullness and not get the full benefits? It’s full potential lays in YOUR form. Felt super inspired by it (actually he has been posting some outstanding stuff that i think everyone interested in mace should check out) and I needed to repost on the Steel Mace Warrior Blog. Shout out to Coach RT3! If you want to learn from the best, follow the best or WORK with the best. I know he has some killer workshops you can do as well if you are in his area. His information is below. I hope you enjoy this repost as much as i do. Coach RT3 Online: Website – Instagram – Facebook – P.S. Use this philosophy beyond the 10 to 2! It’s magical.   May the universe always flow with you,
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