Working with your Spirit Animal

Written by Coach Victoria Islas
ISSA Master Trainer / Founder of SMW

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Working with your Spirit Animal

Spirit animals are sent to us as guides in our lives. We can develop a better spiritual relationship with the power of these animals that might appear to us in our dreams and during our lifetime. These animals help us explore and gain insight on hidden parts of our mind, body and soul that need attention or healing. This type of spiritual development has been used by shamans all over the world and today I will discuss and pass this on to you!

How to find your spirit animal

I will start off by saying that if you try and seek your spirit animal that will take much more time. Our spirit animals come to us. They can come to us in our night/day dreams (most of mine have met me in my dreams), during meditations and any other altered state of mind. 

Now if you haven’t been approached by your spirit animal, that’s okay. It just might not be time for you. But if you truly want to find it I suggest an exercise that I read about in the book called The Wisdom of the Shamans by Don Jose Ruiz.

Spirit Animal Totems have been used by shamans all over the world.

The Exercise

  1. Grab a piece of paper and write down the animals that come to your mind along with descriptive words that you think they have as qualities.

Example: Eagle is powerful and strategic. 

  1. Once you’re finished with your list of animals pay attention to how you feel at the moment, connect with yourself and then choose 3 animals that may help you on your journey. Pay attention to the qualities you wrote down since these are qualities you will resonate with. What calls you out?
  2. When you need your spirit animals call out to any of the 3 spiritual animals you listed. 

Your spirit animals will change

I want to also note that you spirit animals will change. For example, a few weeks before my dad passed away my black jaguar brother came into my life. I believe that this spirit animal was with me and helped guide me through that time. Now whenever I need strength and resilience I go back to my jaguar and embody the spirit of that animal. But recently, the snake has been appearing to me. A lot of people associate the snake as a bad omen but it is not. We just became disconnected with nature and it’s creatures and created stories that made us fear snakes. For me, the snake is very emotional, great for healing and transformation. As the snake sheds its skin, so am I. 

Why I work on my spiritual connection to nature

It’s all about working on yourself. Not just on how you look but how you feel and your connection with life. If you are seeking to truly change your life connecting with nature and having a spiritual practice will truly help you on your health and wellness journey. It’s also part of developing a warrior of love and life! If you look around you will find that there are a few things that were inspired by spirit animals such as the jaguar samurai t-shirt and the daily warrior’s membership plans. Everything I do is with love and made with spirit in mind.

So what animal is calling you right now? Comment below!

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