Steel Mace Basics – The Switch

Written by Coach Victoria Islas
ISSA Master Trainer / Founder of SMW

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Steel Mace Basics 

The Fundamentals of Steel Mace Training

Today we are going to learn a basic (fundamental) Steel Mace Transition.

A transition may be used in the following ways:

  • As an individual exercise
  • As a transitional movement to get you from right to left or vice versa.
  • As a transitional movement you can use between exercises.

Your guide (the photos above correspond to the steps below):

1.  Start with an under/over hand placement on your Steel Mace. You will hold your mace in place in Horizontal Middle (right above the belly button).

2. Get your Steel Mace into a Cross Body Top Body Placement.

3. Meet in the middle. Palms together, as if praying.

4. Get your Steel Mace into a Cross Body Top Body Placement on the opposite side.

5. End in Horizontal Middle. Repeat in the other direction.

Additional Coach Comments:

  • Practice this Steel Mace Transition slowly, in parts when you first begin. Then speed up the switch once you feel ready to do so.
  • Always add tension/anti-rotation to your Steel Mace at the end point, on each side.

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