Steel Mace Basics – Strikes

Written by Coach Victoria Islas
ISSA Master Trainer / Founder of SMW

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Steel Mace Basics 

The Fundamentals of Steel Mace Training

Today we are going to learn a basic exercise that is great for begineers – Steel Mace Strikes!

Your guide (the photos above correspond to the steps below):

1.  Grab your steel mace and place it to the side of you. Your hand should be right underneath the mace head.

2. In a straight path (from shoulder to elbow to wrist) punch out in front of you. Then bring it back to the starting position.

3. Now once again, in a straight path, punch down with your Steel Mace. Then bring it back to the starting position.


Additional Coach Comments:

  • Make sure you worh both sides (left and right).
  • Always make space for the steel mace by staying in a boxer stance position as you strike and go through the movement.

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