My personal secret to improving your Steel Mace 360 swings

Written by Coach Victoria Islas
ISSA Master Trainer / Founder of SMW

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Do you want to improve your Steel Mace 360 Swing?

Of course you do! Who doesn’t?

Today I am going to share with you what personally changed my Steel Mace 360 swing over the past year and guess what? It’s NOT a technique.


Steel Mace Warrior - 360 Swing Poster
But before we get to that I want to announce a project I had been working on for quiet some time now! This is truly exciting for me! I want to introduce to you the STEEL MACE 360 SWING GUIDE, a complete illustrated step-by-step guide on how to swing the mace! It’s available for free online and
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You can click here to get to the STEEL MACE 360 GUIDE.


Remember the Student

In order to improve your 360 swing it is important to remember that we are always a student. No matter how good you think you are, a student is constantly improving. Guess what I am still doing? Improving my 360. No shame in that! I am going to share my secret with you BUT it’s not going to magically make you a super hero mace swinger over night. Just want to make that clear. It’s gonna take time, effort and much practice.

My secret is simple and it is….
Releasing your fear of the Steel Mace.

Any time I see a bad swing or a swing that could be improved I can only see one thing. What is that? FEAR.

I personally increased the fluidity of my swing by releasing FEAR. It was in the way and I had to do something about it.

What are some common fear symptoms we can see:

Face looks like life is about to end.
Body looks super stressed.
Intense shoulder shrugs.
The mace is literally in control.
Pushing and Pulling you around like your it’s puppet.

You get the point….the list goes on…..

How to release your fear – let’s break down the 360 into parts / accessory work.

By doing these smaller steel mace exercises you can release your fears and improve your steel mace 360 swings! I suggest adding this in to your current training program as soon as you can. The main focus is to swing in parts. Swing, swing, swing until you feel FEAR melting away from you. Let’s get you used to the swing.

Exercise 1 – Front Swings

Grab the mace, have the mace head pointing down to the floor. Start to swing the mace in front of you. Side to side without moving your hips or torso.

Exercise 2 – Metronome

Grab the mace in rack position, mace head pointing up to the sky. Start to rock the mace, side to side. Slow and steady. This movement will teach you how to control or handle the mace better. This will also help your PUSH before getting into a full on 360 swing.

Exercise 3 – Pendulum

Now we are heading towards the back with your mace. Grab the mace and gently position it behind you. Once it’s settled in start to gently swing the mace side to side. Let gravity do it’s just and let it fuel the momentum. Again, this is a great piece to work on, on it’s own.

Exercise 4 – Pendulum with Pull

After we are done with the pendulum we can move on to the pendulum with a pull. This is exactly what happens when you end your 360 swing. I showed you what was before the push (metronome) and then what happens when it’s behind you (pendulum). Now I am going to show you what the pull feels like.

Get the mace behind you. And start to swing the mace side to side. Once you get enough momentum going PULL the steel mace to the front.

In summary, make sure you maintain a student mentality, you never are “too good” to practice basics. All of the exercises above will help you get rid of your mace swinging FEAR. It breaks the 360 down into parts and allows you to focus on each section with more intention. With time and practice I believe you can improve your swings. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. Don’t give up! Keep swinging and smiling when you do.


May the universe always flow with you,


And don’t forget to check out the new Steel Mace 360 Guide Online and available as a poster! Learn to swing that mace STEP-BY-STEP.


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