Are you ready for Advanced Steel Mace Training?

Written by Coach Victoria Islas
ISSA Master Trainer / Founder of SMW

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I wanted to touch on a really great subject today! And that subject is all about going beyond the Steel Mace Basics or Foundations. Now before I jump to that I am hoping that you’ve already nailed all the basics and are ready for the next level. It’s hard for us to tell on our own without a coach in front of us so it’s really important to be honest and ready for it. I will share with you a couple of “signs” that you are ready to move on below and offer you the best options to learn the things beyond foundations.

Please keep in mind that you can go to a steel mace group class or do one-on-one training in person but attending those can be difficult right now so this article is including our current situation with the pandemic. I also believe that you can learn more in-depth from an online course or live workshop with one of the systems below instead of watching instagram videos and reading books (although I love books and will be talking about a few you can get in another article soon). 

I also want to note that most of these online courses and workshops can be taken by everyday individuals. You don’t have to want to “coach” in order to learn more about Steel Mace Training. I know that is not for everyone but I promise that your steel mace journey will improve tremendously when you go out and seek training from the masters. I do suggest you check out the websites for the systems in case there are requirements or prerequisites but I believe not. 

The signs that you are ready to move beyond the steel mace basics/foundations

Your coach has really good things to say!

Some of you, not many of you, will have a coach who can spot out whether you are ready to move on from level 1 to level 2. It’s awesome to have someone around who can take a  look at us and spot out what we need to continue working on or even better, who can tell us that we look absolutely prepared and ready to move forward in our steel mace training. I know those who love doing things on their own will hate to hear this. You are thinking you don’t want anyone else’s approval, it’s your life right? I get it! But a coach isn’t there to tell you whether you can or cannot move on. A coach is there to provide you with the best possible feedback so that you are able to make the best possible choices for yourself! And in the end being open and accepting this feedback will make you the best steel mace warrior imaginable over time. 

Your steel mace practice is at it’s best – You Mastered the Foundations

Learning the foundations/basics is important. You simply can’t move on without it and it is crucial for everything else. You wouldn’t build a home without a foundation, if not it would come tumbling down. 

So how do we know if we learned it all? Well it’s easy, your movement will tell the story. Does your movement look balanced, fluid and do you make it look terribly easy when you move or exercise with your Steel Mace? Are you creating straight lines with your body and with your steel mace (good body mechanics)? Are you mindful with your practice or rushing through it? Do you feel in control of your mace or is the mace controlling you? Have you mastered the 10LB Steel Mace? Be honest! It’s okay if you need more practice. I personally practice foundations every single day and I am still not happy with my steel mace work. I got a long way to go and I have been doing this for 3 years! But then again, I am honest with myself and don’t care saying this shit out loud. I squash my ego and because of that, I know it makes me a great student and well rounded coach.

Honesty; A Steel Mace Warrior Code

Like I said not many of you will have a coach in your city or will have a budget to hire an online steel mace coach. So what is the next best way to spot that you are ready for Level 2? Well, start filming yourself! Journal every session you can. You will have to use your eyes, set your ego aside and be honest in your Steel Mace Journey. I keep throwing the word honesty because that is a steel mace warrior code that works like magic. The more honest practice, the better the athlete. Anytime I see someone jumping from weight to weight or trying something without “mindful mechanics” (a term by VKNJA) it breaks my heart because they aren’t understanding the true beauty of this type of training. It’s not meant to be pushed or manipulated. 

Now that I have rambled on,  so where can you post your videos to get some feedback and to journal? Many new and old steel mace athletes post their videos in groups (Join the Steel Mace Warrior Group Today!) and Instagram because it’s the fastest way to start journaling. And here is a tip: Don’t feel embarrassed or shy to post! We all start somewhere and most of the community is very encouraging. If you want you can even tag me @steelmacewarrior and I will take a look! 

What are you trying to learn next?

Before moving on we also have to ask, what are we trying to learn next in your steel mace practice? Are you focusing on swings or flow? Are you trying to get better at swinging or do you want to learn new steel mace transitions?  Write it down on a piece of paper! There are so many questions you can ask yourself so that you make the best investment in time and money for your next move forward. Know exactly what knowledge and goals you are trying to obtain!

The Systems to check out

All right! Now that I have provided you with a lot of initial details and information we can move on to the Steel Mace Systems I would recommend you check out to further your training/practice. Something to note is that most of these systems require you to go through Level 1 before even moving on. You must prove that you are a foundation master! You will also go through some rigorous testing in order to obtain level 2 knowledge. You will not learn advanced steel mace training from a book or on your own by watching instagram videos. 

Now let me provide a quick list below. Keep in mind that due to COVID most of these coaches and systems might not have LIVE workshops to attend but they do have online courses and live workshops via ZOOM.

  1. Steel Mace Flow – 
  2. VKNJA / Tacfit – or 
  3. Mr. Maceman – online course or visit his instagram @mr.maceman
  4. MaceFit – 

There are other systems but for today I only added the ones that I feel will benefit you the most and that are available online during COVID.

I hope the YouTube video and article was useful. Please make sure to show your support for Steel Mace Warrior by subscribing to the YouTube Channel, signing up for your newsletter or buying yourself a steel mace warrior t-shirt!

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