Start with Steel Mace in rack position.

Stack your hands with firm grip.

Bring shoulders back and down.

Keep a neutral spine.

Get your core + glutes tight.

Knees slightly bent.

Feet hip-to-shoulder width apart.

Preparing to Swing

Point top hand index finger out. That’s the direction you swing.

Shift Steel Mace to your hip.

Steel Mace should be in cross body.

Look forward. Chin tucked.

Still keeping core + glutes tight.

START Swing – Push

From cross body angle push mace up.

Then around your shoulder.

Let Steel Mace fall behind you.

Use gravity to fuel the momentum.

Don’t muscle it. Swing relaxed.

Prevent hips from rocking.

Back of Swing

Elbows should point up, slightly tucked.

Top hand should reach base of neck.

Max core and glute activation.

Looking forward at all times.

Still swinging relaxed and gracefully.

Not allowing rib cage to flare.

End Swing – Pull

Steel Mace is reaching end of swing.

Allow momentum to help with pull.

Stabilize your trunk and hips.

Pull the mace around your shoulder.

Pulling around, close to the body.

With strength, control and grace.

Restart Swing

Steel Mace comes back to hip.

In a cross body angle.

And then back to starting position.

Reset your mind and body.

Prepare yourself for next rep.

Make sure to work both sides.

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