Your Body Is Magical – The Daily Break Podcast

by Dec 6, 2018


Your Body Is Magical – The Daily Break

Posted on 12/6/2018 | Listening or Watching Time 5:26

Article by | Victoria Islas

Certified Steel Mace Coach / Personal Trainer


The body is magical. That’s kinda what i want to talk about in this little mini motivational podcast that I’ve started up. Definitely an idea that i had in my head and i figured this would be great to put out there because i know people want quick clips of video and audio. 

So let’s talk about that, let’s talk about how your body is very magical. I think that in this day and age we are wired to want things instantly. And we kinda forget about self-love and we forget about just how magical our bodies are and how magical they would be if we were a little more patient and if we worked a little harder.

I don’t want to talk about exercise or workouts. I want to talk about the word “movement” because it signifies, at least to me, something completely different. And it goes hand in hand with today’s subject on your magical body. Whether you would like to believe it or not, your body is very intelligent. It will, whatever your goal is, whether it’s to gain some strength, to lose some weight or maybe it’s to gain some weight. We all have different body types, we all have different goals.

Whatever it is for you. Remember that your body is intelligent. And it’s not looking for a workout, it’s not looking for a super strict diet. It’s looking for self-love overall. And i know that might be hard for some to comprehend and i might get chewed out for being so spiritual in my approach when it comes to, quote quote, fitness.

But your body is looking for self-love and one great way to show that is by “movement”. And movement means getting your steps in. We we’re wired to be walking and moving all the time and we just aren’t doing that anymore. That was self-love before and that’s been taken away from our every day lives. We are constantly in the car, constantly in front of computers, in front of TV’s, in front of our phones, in front of our ipads or tablets and our body is just looking to reconnect with our minds, to reconnect with our souls, our spirit. And most of all, its really, it’s ready and willing to reconnect to your heart.

So to keep it simple and short. Start moving. You don’t have to do a one or two hour workout. You can start moving with something that just seems natural to you or that might seem fun. Pick it up. I know that i am “Steel Mace Warrior” and my thing is the mace. But that might not be the thing for you. Maybe you might find that the kettle bell is more interesting and fun to you and a way to connect you back with your body and to that self-love. It could be battle ropes, it could be sand bags, it could be a bulgarian bag, it could be clubs, it could be jumping on a trampoline or  jumping some rope. Just go out there and explore and start moving. And remember that your body is magical. Whether you would like to believe that or not. Your body is magical. Love it, Live it. I am out.


May the universe always flow with you,

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Blog Article by Coach Victoria Islas

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