The Sleeping Lion Within You

by Dec 10, 2018


The Sleeping Lion Within You

Posted on 12/10/2018 | Listening Time 6:56

Article by | Victoria Islas

Certified Steel Mace Coach / Personal Trainer

In this podcast i talk about the sleeping lion within you and how to face challenges like the king or queen of the jungle.


Today I want to talk about being a lion. Hearing your roar, your inner roar no matter what challenges come in your way. I think we are all wired to have this lion ability; we just got to train ourselves to be this way.

How did this idea pop up? This idea popped up when my friend Erik Melland reposted a video on Facebook. The video headline read “Lion takes on 10 hyenas”.  So of course I had to click on it and what the video was about, I will explain it really quickly. It’s this young male lion who is going out by himself for the first time; this is something that they do naturally, it’s something we humans also do. That’s where I am going with this so let me go ahead and finish.

So he goes out and he finds himself with a challenge in front of me, actually, about 10 challenges, 10 hyenas. And to be honest, the group of hyenas compared to the lion, felt like 100, it was like an army of 100. This poor lion is getting beat up and all I can do while i was watching this video is to picture myself as this lion and picture each hyena as one of my own challenges every day. Then I thought about it and I was like you know what? I am going to do a podcast out of this. This is a really cool video and a really cool way of looking at things.

So this lion is being attacked by all these hyenas and then all I can do is picture myself as this lion. Trying to fight of all this shit off of me, trying to fight all these laughing hyenas. And it made me think about my life, and it made me think about all the challenges that have felt like a scratch, like a bite, like a wound, me bleeding. I wanted to just to tell you guys that we all go through that and if you’re in a situation like this. I know you are because we all have challenges, even mini challenges every day.

And I want to let you know that we can train ourselves to be a lion and to kick some ass. To get these challenges out of the way to create an amazing life. And this is a great conversation to have even in fitness, to have this in mind. In fitness, if you are trying to lose weight. One of your challenges is looking in the mirror and loving yourself. That’s gonna be one of the fucking hardest things you are ever gonna do. That’s one of the hardest things I have to deal with every day. To look in the fucking mirror and say “I fucking love you, you are incredible” and to believe that. Not only saying it but to believe it, feel it and agree with it. And those are the challenges we have to deal with in the inside.

I am here to tell you that you are a fucking lion. You just gotta to train yourself to be one and train your mind to be one. And I BELIEVE YOU CAN BE ONE, if you start doing that TODAY.


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