Journal Entry #1

Posted on 6/20/2018

Victoria Islas

CPT / Certified Steel Mace Coach

When i started my website a few months ago one of my main goals was to focus on journal entries. I have started the journey and i hope that by sharing these videos it will inspire you to get your body moving and maybe even reach out for a mace. And hopefully it will inspire more women to join the mace movement! I need more woman warriors in my life.

Within this video i was inspired by Pawel Widuto after having a conversation with him for one of my upcoming podcasts with him as a guest. I also have always been inspired by Pawel! He is one of the many dudes i enjoyed watching online through YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. The mace movement is growing and i am happy to be part of it! But Pawel and many others have been training with the mace for a very long time and they deserve the spotlight, that way we can get more people moving and feeling better about their mind, body and spirit. Cheers to my brother from Norway! Look out for the podcast where i talk to Pawel at the end of this month, June 2018!

I also added my own little move towards the end of the video. I have no clue whether or not it has a name or if anyone else is doing it but i felt the need to have my body move in this nature. It asked me to do it and i did it! I dub it the samurai squat and swing. The movement loads up away from you so it really feels amazing.

Anyways enjoy the video!

Find out more about Pawel Widuto at:…/


May the universe always flow with you,

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