Steel Mace Suppliers List for your convenience (UPDATED LIST FOR 2020)

by | Nov 9, 2020

**** UPDATED 11/9/2020

One of the questions circulating is “Where can i buy a steel mace?” I wanted to create a list of Steel Mace suppliers for you! I knew that this would save you the hassle of searching through endless pages on google or seeking advice through forums. Here we go!


Adex Clubs and Maces

Adex is pretty fucking cool. Why? Because the maces and clubs they sell are totally adjustable! They are a little pricier but worth a shot if you are looking for a steel mace that can easily adjust to different weight. From reading there website their famous ADEX ARC mace starts at 6lbs and can be adjusted up to 28lbs.  On another note this mace also has a different shape than traditional maces which I assume will give you a slightly different feel in your Steel Mace workout.

Visit Adex Clubs and Maces   


Become Stronger Industries

Become Stronger is my homeboy! These maces AKA War Clubs are made to NEVER BREAK. They are tough, rugged, grungy and just how i personally like my maces. Become Stronger can customize your mace to your liking and you can even personalize what it says! How awesome is that? You can’t get that anywhere else.

Visit Become Stronger  



Onnit is one of the most known companies selling steel maces, although they don’t just stop there. They sell clubs, ropes, kettlebells and all other forms of unconventional fitness equipment.   Onnit will have your standard steel mace which I highly recommend. My steel maces are Onnit, but I don’t call them my “favorite” because I am pretty much open to try all sorts of maces to train with. On another note, Onnit has a gym and certifications you can get if you are a personal trainer or crossfit coach wanting to lean towards steel mace.

Visit Onnit   


Set for Set

Set for Set is right up there with the last two companies. I am totally reppin Set for Set because they are from Arizona, where I am from!  Anyways, they have high quality steel maces the handles are much thinner than the Onnit Steel Maces. So I highly recommend Set for Set if you are looking for the handle girth to be thinner. It’s a preference thing. They also have Steel Mace Workshops from time to time so make sure you check out their website to stay updated.

Visit Set for Set   


Stronger Grip LLC

Stronger Grip is a great place to get some pretty unique and unconventional training tools. They have loadable maces, short maces, clubs, hammers,and all sorts of grip strengthening systems. Def. one of my favorites!

Visit Stronger Grip  

Evil Munky Enterprises 

Evil Munky sells “power maces” and what makes them special is that they are completely custom loadable maces. If you haven’t already go watch Mr.Mace Man swing one of these and you will see what I mean. The mace heads are huge and the handles are long. They look a lot like to the traditonal gadas they use in India. So if you wanna go waaaay traditional, use this power mace!

Visit Evil Munky Ent   


Titan Fitness

Titan fitness sells all sorts of unconventional equipment for dirty cheap. I own a couple of their Kettlebells! But recently they released an awesome fillable mace. Yes! Fillable. Fill that baby up with Sand and you got yourself a heavy ass mace to work with. They also have an awesome Thor Hammer that I must get my hands on.

Visit Titan Fitness   



Primal Flow Wooden Mace

Looking for a lighter mace than 7 or 5 LBS? Look no further! These american made maple wooden maces are simply unique and amazing. You can use this kind of mace to practice skill or for rehab if you have any injuries. The founder of this company is a physical therapist that uses the mace in his own clinic.

Visit Primal Flow  



This year their is a new kid in the block for Standard Steel Mace production and this company is called TACFIT. Erik Esik Melland from VKNJA teamed up with Tacfit recently in an effort to reach another market. As they collaborated they also decided to start selling Steel Maces through their online shop. They look sweet BUT like any other Steel Mace on the market. Nothing new! BUT Knowing me, I will be ordering one soon for collecting purposes and support for Tacfit. Nostolgia!

Visit Tacfit


MF Rehab 

MF Rehab has some killer mace designs that you won’t find anywhere else. Every time I see something coming out from this artist I am blown away! If you are looking for a unique and custom mace I recommend MF Rehab. I still have to get myself one but I am grounded from buying anymore for a while again by my partner! Note that this seller doesn’t have a website. He is a private seller working out of his garage! I recommended messaging him directly via Instagram or Facebook. Both Links are below.

Visit MF Rehab on FB

Visit MF Rehab on IG


Agatsu (Canada Supplier)

Recommended by some friends in Canada. Agatsu is a great place if you are canadian and would like a cheaper alternative to US suppliers. They also go their own rad colored maces that I can’t ignore! Go check them out!



What mace do you own? And is someone missing from this list? COMMENT BELOW!

May the universe always flow with you,

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