steel mace warriors to follow:



Erik is the steel mace trainer over at the Onnit Gym. He is also the man you will see in almost all the onnit steel mace excercise videos. He is amazing from a far, i can only imagine how awesome it would be to train with him in person (if you have, keep it to yourself. I’ll get jealous. JK). You can check him out on facebook or on onnit’s academy page.


Leo Savage

Want to watch the best steel mace flows around and get inspired? Then i highly recommend watching Leo Savage on YouTube and to also take his online courses. He is an amazing coach you can learn so much from. Subscribe to this bearded mans YouTube!


Matt Burberry / Dat Strength

Matt is up there with Leo! I do some online training with him online. He can train you from anywhere and is also a very wise man when it comes to the steel mace.


Steel Mace gypsy / serena Elizabeth

I gotta give some love to my women steel mace warriors! Follow Serena, also known as @steelmacegypsy on Instagram for some inspiration and beauty. #steelmacewoman


Mr. Mace Man

Mr. Mace Man is the original man to learn from. Full of Steel Mace knowledge & experience you can’t go wrong learning from this amazing warrior. You can check him out on his instagram to see what i am talking about.


Coach Seth Gibson

You can check out Coach Seth Gibson on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. I highly recommend you watch and listen to Seth. You can learn alot from him, Viking Ninja style!


steel mace warrior companies to look out for:


Onnit Academy

Onnit really brough the steel mace to mainstream. They have some of the best trainers and online steel mace excercise videos to help you pick up the steel mace fast. They also sell high quality steel maces if you need one.


Set for Set

Set for Set is a newer company from Arizona that i totally support and is up there with Onnit when it comes to the steel mace. They also sell high quality steel maces and even have a great training e-book you can buy with lot’s of excercise details. I recommend to check out there YouTube channel and subscribe.

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