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Season 2

Developing the entire warrior

Guest: Kim Fox
Season 2 / Episode 1

Killing the ego & honoring yourself

Guest: Erik Esik Melland
Season 2 / Episode 2

The Unconventional Athlete

Guest: Eric Doyle
Season 2 / Episode 3

Women coaches in the industry, macefit & macefest

Guest: Frank Dimeo & Valerie Pawlowski
Season 2 / Episode 4

Efficient Training

Guest: Damian Jaskiewicz / Tengu Ireland
Season 2 / Episode 5

Primal Flow Therapy & The Wooden Mace

Guest: Dr. Joey Cadena / PhysioSport Institute / Primal Flow
Season 2 / Episode 6

Season 1

Steel Mace Strength and Medicine

Guest: Matt Berbary
Season 1 / Episode 1

The Story behind STeel Mace Warrior

Guest: Victoria Islas
Season 1 / Episode 2

Element Flow

Guest: Serena Elizabeth
Season 1 / Episode 3

Wild Human Roots

Guest: Seth Gibson
Season 1 / Episode 4

Competition Mace and Mace Unity

Guest: Mr.Maceman / Rik Brown
Season 1 / Episode 5

Flow Expression & Diving Deeper

Guest: Leo Savage
Season 1 / Episode 6

Steel Mace Education

Guest: Tyler Valencia
Season 1 / Episode 7

Viking Strength Foundations

Guest: Coach Vaughn
Season 1 / Episode 8

Taking Action with Clubs and Maces

Guest: Don Giafardino
Season 1 / Episode 9

Life is an art

Guest: Pawel Widuto
Season 1 / Episode 10

Primal Mace Movement Encoded

Guest: Zack Yanyk
Season 1 / Episode 11

Life through movement and exploring the gray areas

Guest: Kelly Manzone
Season 1 / Episode 12

Giving the mace time and being true to yourself

Guest: Coach RT3
Season 1 / Episode 13

Feeling the effects and moving numbers of the mace

Guest: Daniel Ramsay & Lily Orozco
Season 1 / Episode 14

The indestructible warclub and striving to become stronger

Guest: Pake Mcnally
Season 1 / Episode 15

Putting the time in the trenches

Guest: Coach Paul Gray
Season 1 / Episode 16

Strength based club and mace

Guest: Frank Dimeo
Season 1 / Episode 17

From highland games to empowered mace

Guest: John Odden
Season 1 / Episode 18

The rediscovery of lost physical culture

Guest: Valerie Pawlowski
Season 1 / Episode 19

Yoga with Mace and the Circus

Guest: Summer Huntington 
Season 1 / Episode 20

What Warriors are saying about the podcast


Absolutely what the Mace community needs! Thank you for bringing this to the masses!


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Just wanted to say I’m grateful this podcast and also the videos created by Victoria. I’ve recently discovered the steel mace, but have been looking for more intel on the practice. Keep up the good work. I feel that the use of a steel maces is going to blow up in the upcoming years.

FMF pipe

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Great Resource! 

I’ve listened to 3 episodes now and I’m really enjoying this podcast. There is a very small community of people using the steel mace so it can be hard for someone just starting out to find information, coaching etc. This podcast is a good resource to find those people and it’s inspiring me to keep on swinging! Great job and thank you for making steel mace more accessible!


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