4 Steel Mace Workouts to Try at home

4 Steel Mace Workouts to Try at home


4 Steel Mace Workouts to Try at Home

Posted on 9/8/2019 

Article by | Victoria Islas

Certified Steel Mace Coach / Personal Trainer

Working out with a Steel Mace is different, fun/enjoyable and most of all challenging for both your mind and body. That is what makes this tool pretty fucking amazing. Today I am going to share with you 4 Steel Mace Workouts I compiled from my own website and that I know you will get mass benefits from. Let’s get to it!

1. The HIITMAN Steel Mace Workout

This is a HIIT workout with a Steel Mace. It was meant to be short, intense and fat burning for those that dare to try it! It includes some of the best fundamental movements but with the added weight load of a Steel Mace.

2. The Scavenger Steel Mace Workout

This Full Body Steel Mace Workout will ask quiet a bit from you such as balance, stability, control and strength to withstand. Literally a recipe to help ground you for the day. Makes a great A.M. workout to get your say set.

3. Warrior Life Steel Mace Workout

“Warrior Life” Steel Mace Workout

4 Sets / 8 Reps / Do each side for whatever exercise requires it

Past blog article can be seen here for this workout.

4. Arms Like Madonna Steel Mace Workout

Past blog article can be seen here for this workout.

I hope you enjoy these Steel Mace Workouts! Make sure to keep in touch by signing up to my email newsletter where I send out a 3-4 workouts per month. Also don’t forget to show your support and shop at Steel Mace Warrior Apparel.

You now have 4 amazing workouts this week! I know you will be in better shape by the time you finish them.  Keep up your Steel Mace Training warrior! Until next time!

May the universe always flow with you,


Best Steel Mace Workshops to attend for September 2019

Best Steel Mace Workshops to attend for September 2019


Best Steel Mace Wokshops to attend for September 2019

Posted on 9/1/2019 |  #steelmace #steelmacetraining

Article by | Victoria Islas

Certified Steel Mace Coach / Personal Trainer


Attending Steel Mace workshops in person with some of the most experienced coaches in the world is a great way to learn mace the correct and most profound way.

This month of September we have some great live workshops in the United States if you’ve been wanting to become immersed and certified in this modality.


Because this type of fitness training is so new they don’t happen as often as some other workshops do, so getting your tickets early and signing up as soon as you can is a must for the steel mace enthusiast or fitness coach!

So let’s get into the events taking place this month.




in Los Angeles, CA – September 14, 2019

(Image courtesy of

I personally took this workshop last year in California and I highly recommend it to you from my own experience. I got to meet Tyler Valencia (Founder of KIPS), the dude is an awesome individual serious about Steel Mace Education. I also have a podcast episode with him if you want to listen to that here!



You can sign up for this live workshop / event here:

in Austin, Texas – September 21-22, 2019

(Image courtesy of

I haven’t taken the Onnit Certification as of yet (just as I haven’t taken the Steel Mace Flow either, MY DREAMS.) but I have interviewed several steel mace masters over the past year on my podcast who recommend the workshop and they tell me it’s fantastic! Anyone looking to get seriously into the Steel Mace is recommended to take this workshop in person.


TITLE AFTER COMPLETION: Onnit Steel Mace Specialist

You can sign up for this live workshop / event here:

with Pawel Widuto in Yuma,AZ – September 28-29,2019

(Image courtesy of TENGU / Pawel Widuto)

In case you didn’t know I will be hosting this year Tengu Element Cycle System workshop with Pawel Widuto in Yuma,AZ. I am super excited to be part of helping Tengu grow in America. Pawel is coming down from Norway (Europe) to start introducing his system.

I have two podcast episodes with Pawel. The first one will introduce you to Pawel’s story, background, experience. What led him to the Steel Mace (or Bulavas in his country). And the most recent podcast will go deep into the element cycle system workshop that will be happening this September!

Don’t forget, I will be at this workshop and I would love to meet you in person as well. Both me and Pawel are gonna rock the day. Although, Pawel will be the super hero for the day, teaching MOVEMENT & STEEL MACE.



You can sign up for this live workshop/ event here:

 Anyways! Those were the few Steel Mace workshops happening in September. If anyone knows of any more just shoot me a DM or email at anytime. I would love to add your event to this list if it’s not too late.

Wishing you all great live workshops!

May the universe always flow with you,


My personal secret to improving your Steel Mace 360 swings

My personal secret to improving your Steel Mace 360 swings


My personal secret to improving your Steel Mace 360 swings

Posted on 9/1/2019

Article by | Victoria Islas

Certified Steel Mace Coach / Personal Trainer

Do you want to improve your Steel Mace 360 Swing?

Of course you do! Who doesn’t?

Today I am going to share with you what personally changed my Steel Mace 360 swing over the past year and guess what? It’s NOT a technique.


Steel Mace Warrior - 360 Swing Poster
But before we get to that I want to announce a project I had been working on for quiet some time now! This is truly exciting for me! I want to introduce to you the STEEL MACE 360 SWING GUIDE, a complete illustrated step-by-step guide on how to swing the mace! It’s available for free online and
as a LIMITED EDITION POSTER that you can buy and show off on your walls.

You can click here to get to the STEEL MACE 360 GUIDE.


Remember the Student

In order to improve your 360 swing it is important to remember that we are always a student. No matter how good you think you are, a student is constantly improving. Guess what I am still doing? Improving my 360. No shame in that! I am going to share my secret with you BUT it’s not going to magically make you a super hero mace swinger over night. Just want to make that clear. It’s gonna take time, effort and much practice.

My secret is simple and it is….
Releasing your fear of the Steel Mace.

Any time I see a bad swing or a swing that could be improved I can only see one thing. What is that? FEAR.

I personally increased the fluidity of my swing by releasing FEAR. It was in the way and I had to do something about it.

What are some common fear symptoms we can see:

Face looks like life is about to end.
Body looks super stressed.
Intense shoulder shrugs.
The mace is literally in control.
Pushing and Pulling you around like your it’s puppet.

You get the point….the list goes on…..

How to release your fear – let’s break down the 360 into parts / accessory work.

By doing these smaller steel mace exercises you can release your fears and improve your steel mace 360 swings! I suggest adding this in to your current training program as soon as you can. The main focus is to swing in parts. Swing, swing, swing until you feel FEAR melting away from you. Let’s get you used to the swing.

Exercise 1 – Front Swings

Grab the mace, have the mace head pointing down to the floor. Start to swing the mace in front of you. Side to side without moving your hips or torso.

Exercise 2 – Metronome

Grab the mace in rack position, mace head pointing up to the sky. Start to rock the mace, side to side. Slow and steady. This movement will teach you how to control or handle the mace better. This will also help your PUSH before getting into a full on 360 swing.

Exercise 3 – Pendulum

Now we are heading towards the back with your mace. Grab the mace and gently position it behind you. Once it’s settled in start to gently swing the mace side to side. Let gravity do it’s just and let it fuel the momentum. Again, this is a great piece to work on, on it’s own.

Exercise 4 – Pendulum with Pull

After we are done with the pendulum we can move on to the pendulum with a pull. This is exactly what happens when you end your 360 swing. I showed you what was before the push (metronome) and then what happens when it’s behind you (pendulum). Now I am going to show you what the pull feels like.

Get the mace behind you. And start to swing the mace side to side. Once you get enough momentum going PULL the steel mace to the front.

In summary, make sure you maintain a student mentality, you never are “too good” to practice basics. All of the exercises above will help you get rid of your mace swinging FEAR. It breaks the 360 down into parts and allows you to focus on each section with more intention. With time and practice I believe you can improve your swings. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. Don’t give up! Keep swinging and smiling when you do.


May the universe always flow with you,


And don’t forget to check out the new Steel Mace 360 Guide Online and available as a poster! Learn to swing that mace STEP-BY-STEP.



Steel Mace Isometric Exercises/ Workout to help you get better

Steel Mace Isometric Exercises/ Workout to help you get better


Steel Mace Isometric Exercises / Workout Routine to help you get better

Posted on 8/19/2019 | Watching Time 4:47

Article by | Victoria Islas

Certified Steel Mace Coach / Personal Trainer

Today I am sharing with you a few Steel Mace Isometric Exercises that will help you improve or get better at Steel Mace Training overall.

What are the benefits of Steel Mace Isometrics?
Will help get your core stronger
Will help build muscle
Will help you improve your balance and stability with the mace
Will help you connect your mind and body
Plus much more!

These are also great steel mace exercises to get you prepared for more dynamic ones.


Steel Mace Isometric Exercise BREAKDOWN:

Do the following exercises for :15 sec holds / each side (left & right) for 3 rounds to begin with. Once you have mastered your :15 seconds you can move up to :30 seconds per exercises BUT :15 is your starting point.

a) 3 Part Squat Hold
b) Chair Pose Hold
c) Single Leg Lift Hold
d) Single Leg DL Hold

Steel Mace Isometric Workout



Shop at my store at:


Listen to the “Steel Mace Warrior Podcast: The art of Steel Mace Training” at:


Come train with Victoria at EVOLUTION HEALTH SOLUTIONS in Yuma,AZ 85364

I have both group and personal training available.


May the universe always flow with you,


Primal Flow Wooden Mace Review by Steel Mace Warrior [Video + Blog]

Primal Flow Wooden Mace Review by Steel Mace Warrior [Video + Blog]


Primal Flow Wooden Mace Review by Steel Mace Warrior

Posted on 8/2/2019 

Article by | Victoria Islas

Certified Steel Mace Coach / Personal Trainer


I am back with another Steel Mace Review, but guess what? It’s not a “steel” mace we are talking about today. I am going to introduce you to the PRIMAL FLOW WOODEN MACE. 


The mace is mace is light and will help you acquire skills before attempting advanced movements. 

As a coach, I would like to assess you and make sure that you don’t get injured in the process of trying something like a “360” or “10 to 2”. Although I do believe you can use a 7LB or 10LB mace safely!  I myself, would still have you use this mace in a private session with me. 

This wooden mace is also great to acquire the skills or foundational movements without overloading the body. Great for people with prior injuries but still want to experience the mace and It’s great for beginners in general.

This mace was made by a physical therapist named Dr. Joey Cadena and can be used for therapy purposes.

I am not an expert in the “physical therapy” realm and if you have some deep questions you have regarding this topic I would recommend you listen to the podcast I have with Joey, buy his Primal Flow Foundation 2nd Edition E-book, or even visit him in person for a session over at Physiosports Institute. But yes, you can use this to heal!

It’s just fucking beautifully made and crafted.

One thing I love about Primal Flow Movement is that they are on a mission to help! This is a little snippet from their website:

“Through our partnership and connections with the Tarahumara Tribe, we will be able to produce one-of-a-kind, handcrafted Primal Flow Training Maces that are of the highest quality. These beautifully designed artisan maces will soon ship all over the world, so stay tuned!”

You can read the entire mission statement here:



A little sticky

Not really anything bad to say about the wooden mace other than it’s a little sticky from the gloss. But it does not ruin the experience of mace training especially since it’s meant to be more “therapeutic” in a sense. 


SUMMARY – 10 Start + Infinity Rating! APPROVED.

Overall, the primal flow wooden mace feels light, beautiful, almost airy in a sense. It have great vibes when it arrives and the people behind the product are love centered and I couldn’t feel more blessed to own the wooden mace. Big shout out to Primal Flow Movement!


Here are the links I promised in the video review:

Find out more about the wooden mace or purchase one here:

Follow Primal Flow Movement on Instagram:

And listen to the latest podcast episode with Dr. Joey Cadena here:

May the universe always flow with you,


Pawel Widuto in Yuma,AZ – Tengu ECS Movement Coach Certification

Pawel Widuto in Yuma,AZ – Tengu ECS Movement Coach Certification


Pawel Widuto in Yuma,AZ – Tengu ECS Movement Coach Level 1 Certification

Posted on 8/2/2018 

Article by | Victoria Islas

Certified Steel Mace Coach / Personal Trainer

Come Join us for this ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY. Pawel Widuto will be coming to Yuma on September 28-19th for his 2 day certification workshop – TENGU ECS (Element Cycle System).


This tool will be used in diagnostics, intensity management and periodization of our coaches and has been tested in the fitness industry in last 5 years. Tengu ECS will bring the balance to the fitness industry. Balance it demands and deserves. Tengu ECS is the most natural holistic health management tool our coaches are proud to have in their tool box. Our task is to connect and bind all the sphears we are made of: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and give real people education to be able to manage their own health and wellbeing.

Tengu ECS is the first true Holotropic system in the fitness industry and cutting edge training method that people of all fitness levels can access. We do not do circus tricks! We do structured health centered strength training to create optimal function and well rounded development. A long distance runner may have poor upper body strength and can struggle to perform a basic squat. A yoga practitioner may struggle to pick up heavy objects. These are just a selection of very general examples but the point is that we aim to educate and provide the platform to safely allow people to balance all aspects of their health and fitness in order to create a high level of general preparedness. We need to be equally as fit in our mobility and flexibility as we are in strength or core stability.

The system we use to facilitate our ability to manage our health is the Elements cycle. This will give you the paradigm to understand your own physical needs and also to be able to address the issue quickly and safely. This paradigm forms the basis of our level one TENGU ECS Movement Coach Level 1 Certification. It can be used as a diagnostic tool to see what elements of your training are lacking or overworking. It can be used to plan your periodization so that you can safely train every day. It can also be used to structure your actual workout on any given day. Practical usefulness of high level education provided by Tengu ECS and a cutting edge understanding of good exercise technique combined with the Element Cycle will ensure that you are able to train and remain healthy for a long time to come.

The Investment is $195 Non-Refundable Deposit to register today| $650 total


Never heard of Pawel before? No problem! Go check out my Season 1 Podcast Episode and look out for a new episode coming soon!

We can’t wait to have you with us! And I can’t wait to meet some of you in person myself.

May the universe always flow with you,


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