How to Stay Motivated with Steel Mace Training

How to Stay Motivated with Steel Mace Training

Let’s face it! Steel Mace is exercise, it’s a workout, it’s movement. At some point we might feel unmotivated, stuck, frustrated and worse it can even feel lonely. I am here to tell you that you aren’t alone and that this happens. It’s common especially in Steel Mace Training. Why? Well Steel Mace is “new” in the fitness industry and it takes time to learn! And you might find yourself having to explain it over and over to those who have never heard about it before. Worse thing is from the point of view of someone who hasn’t ever picked up a mace but already trains, they might say “that shit is easy” or “anyone can do that”. They might even think it is laughable! I’ve seen it, I’ve been there. But you are a warrior! Let me show you a few ways to stay motivated and encouraged.

1.  Get on Instagram, Look up #steelmace

I encourage you to go on instagram and look up the hashtag #steelmace. You will find people from all over the world using the Steel Mace. From beginners to experts! The hashtag will bring you plenty of motivation and a sense of community. Instagram is the best place for this!

2. Set them Steel Mace Goals!

You’ve heard this one before and it’s because it’s important for your steel mace journey. Setting both short and long term goals gives you something to look forward to and when you hit em it helps give you the momentum you need to keep pushing forward. 

3. Have a set schedule for your Steel Mace Training

Are you randomly picking up your Steel Mace throughout the week? Then, I am here to tell you to start setting a set schedule for your training sessions. You have total control over this and you can set your training session up to fit your lifestyle right now. Make the time, set the time!

4. Reach out for support

The Steel Mace Journey can feel lonely sometimes. It’s new and if your city isn’t a hotspot for Steel Mace Training then you won’t have that community support in person. The great news I have for you is that there are awesome Facebook Groups you can join to reach out for support. I have compiled a few for you below:

Onnit Tribe –

Adex Clubs and Maces Facebook Group –

Mr.Maceman Rik Brown Facebook Group –

The Official Steel Mace Warrior FB Group –

I hope these couple of motivation pointers help you! And if you are truly looking for structured training sessions, a coach that can help you and a support group you can always count on: sign up for THE DAILY WARRIOR – STEEL MACE FROM HOME.

I would love to be part of your journey! You aren’t alone, you are not strange for feeling unmotivated. We just need a little push and love from time to time. I got you!

May the universe always flow with you,

Coach Victoria Islas

What Steel Mace Weight should you use? (UPDATED – JULY 2020)

What Steel Mace Weight should you use? (UPDATED – JULY 2020)

Starting Off

You are getting into Steel Mace. Fuck yeah! Congrats to you. I mean it. The steel mace is amazing.

So What weight of Steel Mace should you use? I shall help you answer this frequently asked question.

But what you should ask yourself is“Where am I physically?” Knowing where you are physically in strength and conditioning is important and something to consider when choosing a Steel Mace weight for yourself.

Steel Mace Weights

The sizes that are available are 7lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lbs and 30lbs. Weight can go beyond 30lbs if you get a fillable or custom traditional mace but for now, I am sticking to the standard Steel Maces. You can get yourself a Steel Mace over at:

Just note that when you first get a Steel Mace in your hand a 10 lb mace will feel much heavier because of its uneven weight distribution and the way that it is used.

For Newbies

Some of you might be completely new to steel mace and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steel Mace might be something that is getting you back into movement after years of a sedentary life.

If you are new to Steel Mace Training the weight I recommend to start with is 7lbs or 10lbs. Why? Well training with this tool is not like others and requires you to learn fundamentals before attempting some of the cool shit you see online.

I recommend that you find someone locally or online who can help you. Why? A coach can look at you in 3D view with a mace in your hands and will give you a better idea of where to start. But if that is not something you want to do – just stay at 7 lbs or 10 lbs and you should be fine! Injury free!

For the Athletic

If you are THOR strong that doesn’t excuse you from learning Steel Mace fundamentals and earning technique points! Just like when we first get into any other type of fitness modality we need to give our body’s time to get used to the Steel Mace.

Switching between weights

Keep in mind that you can totally have a variety of steel mace weights to alter the intensity of your training during your workout. I haven’t graduated to a 15lb as of yet! I switch between my 7lb and 10lb mace during training. But I also know that a 15lb would up my game tremendously in the future but I would rather stay humble about my position with the steel mace. I honor it and know that eventually, I will get stronger and more stable in my movements. So buy and try a few weights if you have the cash to do so!

Consider the type of Steel Mace Training

If you go on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, with time, you are going to start seeing that there are different styles of Steel Mace Training such as Traditional & Flow. Why do I ask you to go take a look? Because this should also be considered when deciding what Steel Mace weight to use!

To end this…

In summary, I would say start at 10lbs if you’ve never trained with a Steel Mace before BUT where you are in fitness (newbie or athlete) and the type of training you are going to jump into will ultimately have part in making the correct decision! I hope this article was helpful.

The Daily Warrior – Steel Mace from Home

The Daily Warrior – Steel Mace from Home

What’s up guys! I wanted to write a lengthy article introducing you to Steel Mace Warrior’s latest product/service. In case you haven’t heard I have created a steel mace training platform called “THE DAILY WARRIOR”.

This platform was created out of a need a few years back. When I first started it was very difficult for me to find Steel Mace education, workouts and programs online. I had to search on Google, find whatever I could on YouTube and watch others on Instagram! That’s literally why I started the Steel Mace Warrior podcast as well. I wanted to talk to the masters and immerse myself in Steel Mace. But dang, that was tough! I had to go through all of that just to train with my Steel Mace.

Now a days, you are finding more and more steel mace content online because we are growing! Through the help of some of the biggest names and systems + coaches putting themselves out more (like myself) we are adding value to the world! We are putting mace in hands!

With all of that out of the way, last year I began thinking about what I can do for you! What I can do for the Steel Mace community. What problem can I solve? Well why not start with the one I had a few years ago. Finally after several months of silent heart pouring and much BETA testing THE DAILY WARRIOR came to life! I was really hush hush about it and the only people that knew about it we’re my email subscribers, the SMW tribe. (I encourage you to sign up – Click here).

Believe it or not, yes I built it all. I am a one woman team. My technical side, creative side and coaching side collided to create what I am calling a “tool” to help you get better at Steel Mace Training and hit your fitness goals from the comfort and safety of your home. I worked so hard to bring this into the mace community. One road leads to another. I am sure this is just the beginning for many of you! But that is what the Daily Warrior is all about – giving you the companionship of a coyote, the wings of an eagle and the strength of a Jaguar. That is what makes this platform so great! So much love behind it and I hope you feel it too when you sign up. I am excited to be part of your Steel Mace Journey!

This platform is at its infancy – there is so much to come, so many more features! But you won’t know about that unless you sign up so make sure you go get your pre-sign up offer! Those who sign up early will get a major discount in the meantime. The official launch is 7.13.2020!

Find out more about The Daily Warrior or SIGN UP TODAY by heading over to:

May the universe always flow with you,

Coach Victoria Islas

Steel Mace Corrective Exercises to RESET your upper body

Steel Mace Corrective Exercises to RESET your upper body

Today I am going to be sharing with you 2 of my favorite Steel Mace Corrective Exercises by Primal Flow Movement (Dr.Joey Cadena). These corrective exercises will help RESET your upper body.

Resetting yourself will help greatly with your Steel Mace Training Performance!

Corrective Exercise #1 will improve your shoulder blade upper rotation, activate your glutes and stretch your hip flexors. All a great way to improve your posture and shoulder stability.

Corrective Exercise #2 will stretch out your pecs! This will help with improving your posture particularly rounded shoulders. Begin to implement these and watch how much of a difference they will make for you!

Check out Dr.Joey Cadena’s Book, Online Course and Wooden Mace at:

Steel Mace Basics – Strikes

Steel Mace Basics – Strikes

Steel Mace Basics 

The Fundamentals of Steel Mace Training

Today we are going to learn a basic exercise that is great for begineers – Steel Mace Strikes!

Your guide (the photos above correspond to the steps below):

1.  Grab your steel mace and place it to the side of you. Your hand should be right underneath the mace head.

2. In a straight path (from shoulder to elbow to wrist) punch out in front of you. Then bring it back to the starting position.

3. Now once again, in a straight path, punch down with your Steel Mace. Then bring it back to the starting position.


Additional Coach Comments:

  • Make sure you worh both sides (left and right).
  • Always make space for the steel mace by staying in a boxer stance position as you strike and go through the movement.
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