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1. Guest Blogging

I am currently opening up spot for guest blogging! Any certified Steel Mace Trainer is welcomed to share their knowledge and expertise through the SMW blog that gets hundreds of visits every month. I would love to have you here! All that is required is great steel mace or health related submissions.  Please note that not all  blog submissions will be approved but will be considered. If you are selected you will get a responce within 2-3 days.

2. Product Reviews

Send me your mace, book, online course or program for review and I will promote your steel mace products to my large following which includes several formats.  I would love to partner with companies, brands and trainers that I believe would give my following and visitors value and something they will enjoy and LOVE!


3. Brand Ambassadors

Do you love #steelmace & SMW enough to become a brand ambassador? Then this might be a great way to partner as a steel mace enthusiasts, trainer or just lover. Brand ambassadors get major discounts on apparel, programs, The Daily Warrior and future products!  Join the amabassador tribe today!


4. Giveaways

If you are a steel mace focused company or brand I would be more than happy to see us partner and do some giveaways together! Giveaways are a great way to help one another out and bring brand awareness to your product or services. Giveaways will be announced through the SMW podcast, website, social media and newsletter.


5. Podcast Guest

I am always looking for podcast guests! If you are a trainer or company focused on Steel Mace Training please feel free to inquiry about being a podcast guest. I ussually hand select the guest but I absolutely would love to hear from you!


5. Podcast Sponsor

A podcast sponsor helps by giving a small donation to the podcast. The donation is used to run the podcast show and is not used in any other way or form. This includes: equipment upgrades or repair, software update fees, hosting fees, outsourcing creative projects, marketing and ads etc. Please inquiry if you are interested and if there are any podcsat sponsor slots open I will send you back a message with availability.


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