Congrats! You are in.

I received your payment for the month and you are now subscribed to the plan you chose.

Getting Started


PLEASE MAKE SURE TO MARK ANY EMAILS COMING FROM ME AS “NOT SPAM”. This includes emails coming from paypal, MyPTHub and If you do not see any of the emails I mentioned check your SPAM folder.

1. Please go to your email for your receipt coming directly from Paypal. Every month, you will get a receipt from me.

2. You should also be receiving an email from MyPTHub. This is the mobile app you will have access to as long as you are subscribed to one of my plans. I have to manually add you to the system so give me about 1-2 days to do so.

3. Remember, you can cancel your membership plan at anytime. No contracts. Please contact me via the app through a message to let me know about your cancellation. You can always come back at anytime as well.

4. Once you have access to the app you will be able to view the steel mace and mobility schedule for the month, you will be able to view the workouts 1 week in advance and if you are subscribed to the alchemist plan you will see all your nutrition coaching material and meal plans.

5. Finally, If you know of anyone who would benefit from Steel Mace Training, Mobility Training and Nutrition let them know about the 1 free class | every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30pm / Carver Park.

May the universe always flow with you,

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