Semi-Private Group Training Rates

(Classes are no larger than 6)

Current Schedule is:
Monday-Friday @ 6:30 PM | CARVER PARK
Saturday and Sunday @ 8:00 AM | CARVER PARK


Plans are Month-to-Month | No contracts, Cancel Anytime | Group class (not one-on-one)


Last Updated 9/21/2019


1. The rates found on this web page are for the year 2019 but please note that I have the right to change them at anytime. If they ever do I will notify you through email or the messaging area in your app. Although pricing can change in the upcoming years you will be “grandfathered” into the plan you are on the day changes take place and you are notified about such changes. If you ever upgrade or downgrade in the future you will lose your grandfather rate.


2. You may cancel or put your membership subscription on hold at anytime. Please make sure to notify your coach in person, email or through the messaging area in your app at least 1-2 weeks before the next month is charged. If you planned to cancel and the payment goes through due to not notifying in time, no refund will be made.


3. Access to the classes, nutrition consulting, app and facebook group will always be available to you as a member. If you cancel your plan or put it on hold you will lose access to these services until you subscribe again.

4. If you do not make a payment or your subscription payment fails after a 3rd attempt to your debit/credit card Steel Mace Warrior Fitness will reach out to you to try and fix the problem. If the problem is not fixed within 24-48 hours your subscription to your membership will be cancelled and you will no longer have access to the services you were enrolled into.


5. If at anytime a member displays sexual harrasment, inappropriate behavior, agression towards the coach or other members during class or through the digital communication platforms Steel Mace Warrior Fitness has the right to cancel your subscription and service effective immidietly.


6. If you subscribe into one of the plans and have either created your app account or attended 1 or more classes in the month, a refund will not be given. If you are clear of the above then please contact me to give you a full refund of your subscription for the month. Please give it 5-7 days to return into your bank account from Paypal.


7. If you subscribe and put your account on hold the data found within the app and other digital platforms will be always available and reinstated when you come back. If you cancel or do not come back at a future date Steel Mace Warrior Fitness has the right to delete all data from the systems.

8. Your personal information or data will never be sold or given to any other party.

By subscribing to any of the membership plans found on this website and making your first payment via paypal you are automatically agreeing into the terms and conditions found on this page and are agreeing that you read and comprehended them all.

All subscription payments are made safely via Paypal

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