30 Amazing Steel Mace Coaches/Enthusiasts to Follow on Instagram

by | Mar 25, 2020

If you are just getting into Steel Mace Training this list of coaches and enthusiasts from all over the world is bound to get you inspired and will motivate you to workout with your Steel Mace from home. I hope you enjoy the list and that you share it with your friends and family if they are wanting to try a new fitness modality. MANY still don’t know what Steel Mace Training is – this is a great VISUAL blog post to share so they can understand. I also wanted to do my part, honor and show my gratitude to these coaches and enthusiasts in our small community. We are growing and there is no better time than to show my love for them.

Please note that these are not in any particular order and there are SO MANY MORE amazing individuals that are on Instagram sharing away there Steel Mace Journey.

There is no way I can find you all and add you to this list but know that if I had the capacity I would! I do plan to upgrade and update the Coaching Directory on my website soon – so if you are a coach and would like to be added to this website that gets thousands of visits every day, just holler at me. Now, let us begin.


Viking Ninja System| www.vikingninja.com

3) Rik Brown Aka Mr.Maceman

6) Lori Verta

7) Erin Furry

Steel Mace Yoga | www.steelmaceyoga.com

8) Kelly Manzone

KM Moves | www.kmmoves.com

9) Serena Elizabeth | Steel Mace Gypsy

10) Summer Hungtington

Steel Mace Vinyasa | www.steelmacevinyasa.com

11) Matt Berbary

Dat Strength

13) Don Giafardino

Adex Clubs and Maces | www.adexclub.com

14) Pawel Widuto

Tengu Elemental System | www.tengu.no

16) Valerie Pawlowski

Vintage Strength Training | www.vintagestrengthtraining.com

19) Aerial | Steel Mace Oklahoma

22) Frank Dimeo

Cave Strong & MaceFit | www.macefit.com 

23) Jeffrey Ochs

A2 Steel Fit | www.a2steelfit.com 

25) Viking Ninja Iran

26) Mrs. Viking Ninja | Ida Melland

27) Carina Cirrincione 

28) Brandee Owens | Steel Mace Valkyrie

29) Marc Hernandez |Muay Thai Marc

30) Iam Thom | Fall Out Fitness

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