Steel Mace Warrior Fitness

Coach Victoria Islas / Certified Steel Mace Coach

Steel Mace Warrior Fitness

Coach Victoria Islas / Certified Steel Mace Coach

Move like a warrior

Steel Mace Training, Unconventional Personal Training & Bootcamps.


What are the benefits of Steel Mace Training?

Shed off fat & get functionally stronger.

Shoulder Strength


Shoulder Mobility


Rotational Strength


Grip Strength


Stabilizer Muscle Strength


Metabolic Conditioning


Improves Balance and Coordinaton


Core Strength


Corrects Muscle Imbalances


Multi-Planar Movement




The best way for mace training to make sense is to try the FREE STEEL MACE SESSION.

This will be a personal, one-on-one 35 minute session (you can bring one additional friend, 2 MAX). The intro session will show you the basics movements along with a short steel mace metabolic workout. A great intro to the world of steel mace.

2 ) Personal Training

Unconventional Personal Training is available all year long in Yuma,AZ and Online. 

Personal Training sessions will include steel mace training, primal body weight training and nutrition consultation. This is great for those looking to reach specific health and fitness goals through unconventional training methods.

PT services come with private website and app access to review assessments, view workouts and nutrition and much more!

Contact Coach Victoria to learn more about PT pricing.

3 ) Join a 4-week bootcamp

Yuma,AZ 4-Week Bootcamps will be announced 2-3 times per year. Bootcamp style training is great for individuals looking to make new friends on a similar journey, get active while having fun and to lose weight. We will utilize many unconventional fitness modalities including the mace.

Nutrition plan included for all 4-weeks for best results possible.

Limited small group setting with only 6 spots available, includes the following: 3 sessions per week for 4 weeks, nutritional plan, access to private online website and app,  + bootcamp t-shirt.

BONUS: Get a major discount on a 10LB mace from our partner.

Bring your children to the park while you work out if you are a mama.

Next group bootcamp is in Novemeber 2018. More details will be announced soon!

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