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The HIITMAN Steel Mace Workout

WORKOUT The HIITMAN Steel Mace Workout Posted on 7/11/2018 Victoria Islas CPT / Certified Steel Mace Coach The HIITMAN Steel Mace Workout Ever wonder if you can use the mace HIIT style? Yes, you can! The aim for this workout is to go hard during your :30 sec of work....

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Steel Mace Workout for Legs

What’s up! Okay, so today i am releasing “The Leg Killer” Steel Mace workout. By the end of SET 3 these are the areas you should feel burning: Your ass cheeks, the front of your thighs, and the back of your thighs and legs. Bonus: It will work out certain areas of your arms too. The beauty of the Steel Mace!

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